Previous Tails


The previous “Tails” of Wall-E the Ringer Family Doggie aka Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino.


Date:                Post:

08/19/13         Wall-E the Fierce – Or Not.

08/30/13        DARN YOU GEORGE LUCAS !!!!

08/31/13         Sleeps!

09/13/13         Paper is Scary!

09/17/13         Shaping how to be ashamed, or not.

10/04/13         My Precious!

10/10/13          My Weighty Story, Cooties & Wall-E Tails: It’s all wrapped up into one!

10/15/13           El Estero Park, Monterey

10/29/13         The Washing Machine of DOOOM!

11/01/13           My Weighty Story, NaNoWriMo, and Wall-E Tails OOH MY!

11/22/13          My Weighty Story: My Umpf and Wall-E Tails: Vet Visit

11/25/13          Pitiful

11/28/13          Yummy Smells Day

12/11/13           The Cling On.

12/14/13          Caturdays?

12/18/13          Today is my Birthday!!!

12/30/13         Supervising

01/10/14          Re-charging the Batteries

01/26/14         Guilts

01/27/14          Scary Sidewalks

01/28/14         I’m so Confused!

01/29/14         Awww Mom!!!!

01/30/14         Water Falling from the Sky

02/11/14          I don’t wanna!

02/17/14         Bath is a Four Letter Word.

02/18/14         New Web Address

02/18/14         I was a Brave Doggie

03/04/14        I don’t have to go THAT bad

03/12/14         Tired Doggie

03/18/14        Walkies, Cousins, and Lovies!

04/04/14       The Beautiful Blogger Award

04/12/14        Happy Weekend!

04/14/14        Lazy Mornings

04/18/14        Liebster Award

04/20/14      Grooming Day

04/24/14       200 Followers!

04/29/14       SEE! I didn’t vanish!

05/02/14       HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

05/13/14        Mommy Loves Me!

05/14/14        When “Wall-E Tails” and “My Weighty Story” Collide

05/26/14       Memorial Day and The Beach

05/31/14        What About Second Dinners?

06/10/14        My Precious

06/17/14        Re-Charged and Ready

06/22/14       My Sister Won’t Share

06/24/14       Scary Day




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