Wall-E Tails


And here begins the “tails” of Wall-E the Ringer family doggie.


Below is the email he sent to DPS Rescue (DPSRescue.com) in February 2013 to let them know how he was doing with his new furrever home. After this letter had been sent, we have moved to Capitola, California, Wall-E went through Obedience  2 and 3, got his CGC ( Canine Good Citizen ) Certificate, and then completed his Therapy Dog Class and then passed the Therapy Dog Test, thus making him a CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG!

Here is his letter to DPS Rescue.

Hi! My name is Wall-E.

 About a year ago, you found me and named me Chip. When I was 10 weeks old, my foster mommy let me go home with a wonderful family. It’s been so magnificent and I wanted to let you know what has happened in the last year.

 After a few days with my furr-ever home, my Daddy, Mommy, and my human sister Catalina named me Wall-E. They say I remind them of the little Disney robot; kind, gentle, a little a scared, and a little bit brave. I’ve watched the movie with them, and I tend to agree. It’s a GREAT name.

 As a family, we have gone to Bass Lake and Big Sur to go camping. That was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with even more family and get loved and spoiled the whole time. They won’t give me any people food, because they say it’s not good for me, but I keep trying anyways.

 I have not one, but TWO packs I belong to. One of them is with my cousin’s; Huckleberry ( a Beagle mix ) and Penelope ( a Chi-Weenie ) who is my Grandma’s doggies. We have lots of fun together. The other pack I belong to is with my neighbor’s pack. My family takes me out on a minimum of 2 walks a day, and on the evening walk I get to play with this pack. There are 4 of us, but only three of us go on a walk, a terrier mix named Charlie, a Boston Terrier named Bella, and me. Bella’s my “girlfriend”.  We are the best of buds. She is only a month younger than me and after we are done walking, we wrestle and play until our parents say it’s time to go inside.

 Let’s see, where else does my family take me? Oh YEA!!! We get to go to Asilomar Beach and play on the sand, we take walks along the bike path in Pacific Grove ( Lovers Point has some really NEAT smells ), and lots of walks through Downtown Pacific Grove too.

Sometimes if Daddy has to work early in the morning, and I’m going to be home alone for a long time, Mommy will even take me to work with her! She has a “Man Cave” for me there, so I can go in and just hang out, but she will also let me wander around her office too, but only if I’m good, and don’t woof at people who come in. ( I’m not sure she understands I’m trying to protect her from them. )

Most recently, my family has enrolled me at Zoom Room in Monterey. I LOVE THAT PLACE! I’ve been able to go and play with new doggies and meet new people. OH!!! and guess what?! I finished the first class on learning how to be OBEDIENT! I’m starting the second class soon, but I really like my teacher and Mommy says that hopefully, if I continue to be good, I might be able to learn how to play on the agility equipment.

My family doesn’t like when I use my big boy bark inside ( we live in a duplex and they don’t want to make our neighbor mad ), so I’ve learned to use my “inside voice.” They smile and tell me I’m good and sometimes gives me treats, so I REALLY TRY to remember to use my inside bark, but it’s hard sometimes. I’m just trying to protect them from that leaf, or hippo, or rhinoceroses that are outside! I must be doing a pretty good job of protecting them though because we haven’t seen any hippo or rhinoceroses. Those leaves though…. Ohhhh I’ve got my eyes on them.

I love my furr-ever home. My Daddy was home with me all the time until September, but now he works for Pet Food Express, and I get bully sticks, toys, and all kinds of super healthy treats all the time. I am not spoiled ….. I’m loved! Seriously! Ok, fine. I’m both, spoiled and loved.

Thank you for saving me and for finding me such a wonderful furr-ever home.  My family says they are much happier with me in their lives, and I feel the same way!

 Thank you DPS Rescue!



3 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails

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  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ Lovely Boy, reading this brought tears to my eyes ♥ ♥ ♥ Good things happen to good people and good doggies too. It is clear to see you are such a much loved boy by your wonderful furr-ever Mommy, Daddy and big Sister! hugs and pets xxx

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