The Farewell Kiss Under the Sky



The Farewell Kiss Under the Sky


We were sitting on the hood of his car listening to the sound of the waves crash. It was a lovely evening where for once there wasn’t any fog obstructing the night sky. Luckily this far out from the city the stars were endless. The warmth of his arm around me made butterflies spring into flight in my stomach.

It had been awhile since either of us had said anything and when the alarm on my phone went off telling me that if I didn’t leave in the next 10 minutes I was going to be grounded for life for breaking curfew, we both jumped.

“Sorry about that.” I said my cheeks red in embarrassment.

“Hey, don’t want you to get in trouble this close to prom.” He said as we scooted off the hood.

He took my hand and walked me back to where my car was parked a row back. What was it about him that just the simple circling of his thumb on the back of my hand made me weak in the knees?

Before I knew it, he was opening the car door for me and I turned to give him a hug and realized he was so close that I could feel his breath on my lips.

“So …” he said nervously, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there.” I breathed.

Then his lips were on mine, so light and careful. I threw my arms around him and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. It was like lightning flashing through my veins. I couldn’t get enough of it. All too soon he pulled away and rested his forehead on mine.

“Damn. It’s only for the night, but …” He stepped back and continued, “I’ll see you tomorrow babe.”

“Bye.” I said smiling and sitting in the seat. He reached down and kissed me quickly one more time and gently closed the door.


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Owen’s Light


Finding the Light

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Today was the day. Today was the day he was going to allow himself to be killed by his guards. He had had it. Day in and Day out of being beaten because he had followed the orders of the Council. Day in and day out of wondering if today was the day that they had poisoned his food to make him ill… again. Day in and day out of wondering when and if he would ever get out of this place. He was through. He couldn’t do it anymore. Today was the anniversary of the day he had been sentenced to this hell hole in the depths of Obsecuritan and today was the day his life ended.

He thought he would be able to wait out Jean coming to his rescue. He thought if she just knew where he was, she would have the Vernadali’s retrieve him from this hole and everything would be alright.

That’s when he heard it. The fighting down the hall. He tried to get up, but slipped and crashed back down onto the floor. There was a loud crunch against the door and then a face he hadn’t seen in years came into view.

Mickel de Sudiant.

“Owen?” He said through the bars in the door.

“Yea. It’s me.” I said hoarsely. Not hardly talking for 6 months had made my throat raw and my voice dead.

“Get up here and help me get this door open.” Mickel said with urgency.

“Mickel just let me die. I’m no use to anyone anymore.” Owen said.

“Okay fine. You sit there and die then.” He said. “But before you do. You might want to tell me what your final words will be to Jean.”

Jean. Jean had sent Mickel?

“She sent you?”

“Well of course. Why else would I be here? Not like I wouldn’t rather be on the sandy beaches of Naswald with some sexy Kursh serving me an icy cold drink. Nah… It also couldn’t have anything to do with the fact the both of you have been a life long friend and  …. well just get your ass moving.

“Jean.” I said closing my eyes and leaning my head against the wall.

“I swear Owen… if I return without you, then she will have my hide.”

“Get that blasted door open. I can’t get up and you’re going to have to carry my ass out of here.”

(This is a small piece I wrote in class from a prompt.  My new computer is up and running so I will be posting small blurbs from the various prompts and exercises we do in class. They have been incredibly fun and I look forward to sharing them with you. Some are serious pieces; Some fun and silly.  Glad to be back! )

Stupid Computer!

So … I’m trying to get myself into using my blog again and I had this grand plan that since I’m taking my English class again this semester that I would post some of the writing exercises that we do in the class so everyone can see just how demented I am in the head when I do what my teacher calls a “shitty first draft”.

However, my computer has decided to be picky as to when it wants to work and when it wants to just hang up in an endless loop trying to start up.

I use my Ipad Pro in class with a bluetooth keyboard, but it is so much easier to manipulate the work on a desktop than on the Ipad.

So I’m trying folks. I’m trying.

If it decides to work for me in the morning, I’ll get this weeks up tomorrow.

In the meantime…. Here is a picture of Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino and his brother Pippin.


Hello everyone. I hope you had a safe and fun new year celebration. 

As you all know each year I have a word of the year and usually have a few New Years resolutions. 

My word of the year is “Perserverance!” 

This year really is going to be about getting back on track. Period. I will get back to getting healthy and most importantly… I will be working hard on The Five Angels and finding an Agent.

Here is to a bright New Year!

For Now…

As you can see I haven’t been posting on here for … well since Christmas.

No, I don’t know when I’ll be able to fully commit to my blog again. However, I have been keeping up on my Facebook page (which you can subscribe to in the sidebar) and I have been occasionally doing the Twitter thing.

I am writing again, and have even made the decision to go back to school to expand my writing ventures.

My Weighty Story has not come to a halt, but did find some stumbling blocks along the way. Namely, my back blew out in a major way in July (yes I am doing better now).

Wall-E Tails have continued and just this month Wall-E got a little brother Pippin. Pippin has been chiming in from time to time with “Pippin Pipes Up”. Both of which are shorter in nature than the long drawn out “tails” Wall-E has been known for in the past.

I sincerely hope everyone is living for the moment and enjoying the journey.

Hit me up on Facebook!

Much love and respect to everyone.

Where Oh Where Has Kim Gone?

Ya.. Where have I been? Well, ummm, ….

  1. As you can probably tell from the picture, I’ve binged Korra. (For those of you not privy to what Korra is, it is the sequel to the Last Airbender anime series. It rocks. You should binge both series. Just make sure to go to work so can continue to pay for the electricity to power the TV to binge said shows. Just saying.)
  2. Reading. I’ve been reading a LOT lately. I’ve powered through all of the Dark Hunter series and some of the Chronicles of Nick series, both by Sherrilyn Kenyon (I think Acheron is still my favorite book of the Dark Hunter series), all the Harry Potter books again (HEY! Don’t judge.), The Treemakers by Christina L. Rozelle,  and many many more. Seriously, I’ve been reading a lot, there is no way I could list every book I’ve read since the last time I posted.  … Okay so, I just counted, and that total is up to 49 books.
  3. I’ve been sewing. A lot.  Plus I’ve committed myself to to a “Make It Christmas” which entails much sewing this year. I’m about a third of the way through it though, so that is some good news.
  4. I’ve been spending time with the family.
  5. I’ve been tweaking and refining THE FIVE ANGELS. I truly believe reading helps your own writing and I’ve found some better ways to express some situations throughout that story.
  6. I’ve even gone through the sequel to THE FIVE ANGELS and done some tweaking in that book to correct some inconsistencies, add some clarifications, etc.
  7. Finally, my last excuse is that I’ve been working on sending query letters out again for THE FIVE ANGELS.

Yes, I know it is all excuses. Every last one of them. I will TRY to post more often.

Much love to EVERYONE!


P.S.: Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino says hello to all his fans out there.