The Stories


The stories of my weight loss journey. My ups, downs, and freak outs included.

Date:                     Post:

08/28/13            AHHH RUDE!

09/03/13            Will Power. Where did you go?

09/05/13             Emotional Eating. CHECK!

09/15/13             Scared and Confident

09/20/13            Browncoats, Ted, Cooties, and Weigh Day

09/27/13            Stupid Body!

09/30/13           Weight Image Problems

10/05/13            My First “Race”!

10/10/13            My Weighty Story, Cooties & Wall-E Tails: It’s all wrapped up into one!

10/11/13             Weigh Day 10/11/13

10/18/13            Week from …. and Weigh Day

10/21/13            Additude Bombing

10/25/13           Weigh Day, Writing and No Sleep

10/27/13           Weigh Day & Run or Dye!

11/01/13             My Weighty Story, NaNoWriMo, and Wall-E Tails OOH MY!

11/08/13            Balance. Anyone see where mine went?

11/12/13             My Weighty Story and NaNoWriMo: Balancing

11/15/13             Better Balance and a Birthday

11/18/13              My Weighty Story: The Hangover AND a NaNoWriMo Update

11/22/13            My Weighty Story: My Umf and Wall-E Tails: Vet Visit

12/02/13           My Weighty Story: It’s a new day and a new month

12/06/13           The Doctor Visit

12/13/13            Friday the 13th

12/20/13           Dear Christmas 2012 Me:

01/03/14           The Journey Continues!

01/17/14            What’s going on?

01/22/14          My Groove is getting GROOVY!

02/18/14          New Web Address

02/23/14         The Plans and Progress

02/27/14         What the?

03/06/14         This Could Only Happen to Me

03/08/14         Nightmare or Bath Salts

03/09/14         … Part 2

03/14/14          Perceptions

03/25/14         Finding the smallest THING

03/27/14         I’m so confused. I just don’t get it!

03/28/14        Obsessions and Murphy’s Law

04/03/14        Dehydration

04/04/14        The Beautiful Blogger Award

04/10/14         Progress on Weigh Day

04/18/14        Liebster Award

04/24/14         200 Followers!

04/29/14          SEE! I didn’t vanish!

05/02/14       HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

05/09/14       I have met “The Devil” and he is GLORIOUS!

05/14/14        When “Wall-E Tails” and “My Weighty Story” Collide

05/21/14      Sometimes I can be such an idiot

05/01/14      New Beginnings

06/05/14     Follow ups suck sometimes

06/17/14          Re-Charged and Ready

06/20/14        The Verdict Is …

06/30/14       T – 29 Days

07/07/14       An Update



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