Post that have a lot to do with nothing. Random thoughts and events.

My brain is a minefield of ideas and “Squirrel” Moments. Here you will see just what kind of a Blonde I can be.

Date:                        Post:

08/26/13                Customer Service: Does it even exist anymore?

09/11/13                 Sometimes you just have to CHECK OUT!

[ date ]                    Advertising …. I see what you did there.

10/11/13                  I’m a Hypocrite

10/22/13                SQUEEEEEEEEEEE

10/24/13                Allegiant…. ( no spoilers )

10/30/13                Thank You!

11/05/13                 Shameless Self – Promotion

11/13/13                  Book Love = SQUEEEE for Movie

11/14/13                   I have a sad heart.

12/16/13                 Monday Morning Funny

12/27/13                A Ringer Family Christmas (2013)

12/30/13               1 Billion Dollars (Daily Prompt)

01/02/14              Kris Jenner. Brilliant Business Woman or Family Pimp?

01/03/14              It’s 2014 and I’m bowing to social convention.

01/07/14              The Inventive Blogger Award? Me? NO WAY! Well … Apparently.

01/13/14                Mind an Body Monkey ATTACK!!!!!

01/17/14               Who do I appear to be? Superwoman?

01/18/14               We Need RAIN to wet the SOIL at HOME!

02/03/14             Kim’s Brain is the Multiverse!!!

02/05/14             Stupid People should NOT be on Facebook.

02/06/14            100 and Perfection

02/08/14            WOOT!!! Two 100 milestones in a week!!!

02/10/14             Second Language Wishes

02/13/14             American Olympic Coverage — STREAM IT!

02/14/14             Disappearing Red Ink.

02/15/14             When your kid names you…

02/16/14             It’s a Hard Life in Capitola

03/12/14             I just realized …

03/17/14             Are you BLIND?

03/28/14            Obsessions and Murphy’s Law

04/04/14        The Beautiful Blogger Award

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