My Ramblings

Since this blog is “all about me”, I have devised a section where all my randomness is collected into one spot.



In the Randomness section you will find everything from scrapbooking and sewing to gaming. Should you brave this section, you will get just a glimpse of the Squirrel Moments that occur in my head


My Daddy’s Prostate Cancer



In this next section you will find the story, as told from me, of my Daddy’s Prostate Cancer. It is FAR from complete, and extremely difficult to write. I will make entries in it as I have the “strength”, but when I do, they will be filled with emotion, and not easy to read. Most men who have Prostate Cancer will live mostly normal lives for many, many years and die old men and probably die from something OTHER than the cancer. Only, my Daddy, was not one of those men. My Daddy went from tromping around the Eastern Sierra’s with my Mom in June 2010 and feeling mostly healthy, to having stage 4 Prostate Cancer in October. He died on June 26, 2011. This is my story.



So whatcha thinking?

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