The Five Angels Trilogy

A Girl. A Boy. Love. Perseverance. Destruction.

The first book in the Trilogy is:     

TFA Lettering

On the surface, Megan’s life looked completely normal. She grew up on the Monterey Peninsula in California where she went to school, had friends, and even got decent grades all the way through school. Only, Megan has a secret. She has dreams of the future and they always came true. Always. From a phone call, to a pop quiz in school, to the death of her brother Matt and her parents a year later. She dreamed it all before it happened. So no, life wasn’t what you would call “normal”.

When her best friend CJ, whom she has loved for years, confesses his love for her, she’s over the moon. Finally, a silver lining! A man who loves her for who she is, visions and all. Then everything changes. Megan teleports CJ and herself to Nalrin, an alternate dimension, and to a family she never knew existed. There she learns her whole life was a lie, her parents are actually alive, and she has an inner power that is more powerful than any other Sangra in modern history.  The problem? Her parents are trying to destroy the world she’s only just learned of, and in that process, they will need CJ’s heart.

Can she save both Nalrin and CJ, or will she have to sacrifice her happiness to save a whole world from destruction?


Celtic Woman


The Second book is:

Ash'Bani Title

This book is currently in rough draft form and undergoing re-writes, additions, corrections, and modifications. No there is no way I’m telling you what happens. If I tell you what happens, you’ll know if CJ lives and what happens at the end of the first book won’t you!

The Third and final book in the trilogy is:

Helena Title

Helena, The Crystal of Pureness  is outlined, and is currently a work in process. This will be the epic ending to the series. Yes, I know how it ends, no I’m not going to tell you!


I don’t have an Agent, but am sending queries. Once I find an Agent willing to take a chance on this blonde by the bay, I will let you know.

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