Sapphire Ashes


SA - EBCover v2

Release Date:  August 4, 2014

Sapphire Ashes is now available on Amazon!

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Genre: Historical Romance, Young Adult


Sidonia Regillia’s world was where you married by arrangement, and she much rather marry for love. The problem was she knew that would never happen. She already had one arrangement fall through and that made her less desirable, regardless of how high her family’s status is. When she did marry, she would have a say in who she married. That was the deal she had made with her father. Only Sidonia knew the second she expressed even the smallest of interest in an available man, her father would leap at an arrangement. Luckily for Sidonia there hadn’t been anyone of interest, and for now she liked to keep it that way. Instead she concentrated on her studies and work at the family apothecary shop. Love was just going to have to wait, regardless of how old she got. She would marry on her own terms.

Then she met Tiberius Maximus Vispania, a man who used to work for the Empire, which made him a dangerous man to get close to considering her family’s business. There was too much at stake, but Tiberius made Sidonia swoon. There was also that fire he lit in the pit of her stomach that she had never felt before. What was it about this man? Could she be happy with an arranged marriage if it were with Tiberius? Could this be the love she has been waiting for?

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Paperback: Sapphire Ashes


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