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The writing saga.

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10/25/13              Weigh Day, Writing and No Sleep

10/28/13             Story restructuring a SUCCESS!

10/30/13             IT’S A TIMELINE MIRACLE!

11/01/13               My Weighty Story, NaNoWriMo, and Wall-E Tails OOH MY!

11/03/13              NaNoWriMo, the Husband Unit, Day What, and being proud.

11/07/13              NaNoWriMo: What day is it now? 7?

11/09/13              NaNoWriMo: All Day Write – A – Thon

11/10/13               NaNoWriMo: Day 10!

11/12/13               My Weighty Story and NaNoWriMo: Balancing

11/18/13               My Weighty Story: The Hangover AND a NaNoWriMo Update

11/20/13              NaNoWriMo: A Dash of Mickel de Seduisant. ( Short Story / Sample Chapter of the 2nd book in The Five Angels Trilogy.

11/23/13              NaNoWriMo Day 23: Starting to Freak Out

11/24/13              NaNoWriMo Day 24: Connecting the Dots

11/26/13              NaNoWriMo Day 26: YAHHOOOOOOOO!!!!

11/30/13              NaNoWriMo: Have Red Pen. Will Edit.

12/05/13             NaNoWriMo: Editing Derail and Character Development

12/19/13              Attachment to Characters ….

01/07/14             The Inventive Blogger Award? Me? NO WAY! Well… Apparently.

01/14/14              Short Story: Welcome to the Curtails of the North

01/24/14             The Editing Blahs …. or Not.

01/30/14             Red Ink. All I see is red ink!!!

02/14/14             Disappearing Red Ink

02/18/14             New Web Address

02/19/14             Short Story: The Assassin

02/25/14            Short Story: Lindy meets Arturno

03/01/14             Writing Habits: A Questionnaire

03/19/14             Short Story: Welcome to the Curtails of the North (Revised)

03/20/14            Here we go … AGAIN

03/23/14            Short Story Issues

03/28/14            Obsessions and Murphy’s Law

03/31/14             NaNoWriMo Camp and The last 7 days

04/02/14            Camp NaNoWriMo and Trouble Connecting to a Lover

04/04/14            The Beautiful Blogger Award

04/07/14            Novella speedbump

04/09/14            Which way is up?

04/16/14            Novella Update 04/16/2014

04/18/14            Liebster Award

04/22/14          The WHOLE Meaning Changed

04/24/14           200 Followers!

04/29/14          SEE! I didn’t vanish!

05/02/14         HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

05/23/14         When Writers Block becomes a Raging River

05/28/14         Sadness Today: Maya Angelou

05/30/14         Is Writing Really What I’m Supposed to be Doing?

06/01/14          Novella Goal Made! Well Sort of.

06/06/14         What’s your favorite short story?

06/10/14         Short Story: Chloe’s Ghost (Part 1)

06/17/14         Re-Charged and Ready

06/19/14         Short Story: Chloe’s Ghost (Part 2)

06/23/14        Short Story: Chloe’s Ghost (Part 3)

06/26/14        Red Ink is Therapeutic

07/02/14        Novella Cover Reveal


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