Rules About Comments

Fortunately, I haven’t had much of a problem with people being poops in the comments section of my post. I have been really lucky in that regard.

Celtic Woman

However, I do feel that the following rules should be stated.

1. Do not attack others. If you disagree with them, that is fine, but do not attack.

2. Feel free to leave links to RELEVENT information. For instance, if you posted a post on your blog that discusses the same information, you may leave it in the comment, but with an explanation of why you’re leaving it there. However, if you only post a link to your blog or website and no other relevant commentary or if you link to a site that is trying to sell someone something, then I will delete it.

3. Be respectful toward others. Yes, this does go along with rule 1 above, but it needs to be said. No put downs, rudeness, or cat-fighting.

4. Feel free to disagree with me. However, I do ask that you try to explain your side of the story if you do. Sometimes, I don’t see or understand the other side of the story. Sometimes, I may come across as being one sided, but in reality, I may be on both sides of the fence.

5. Most of all — Have fun.

Any rule breaking will bring out the Internet Nazi and she will delete your comment. Don’t make me be an Internet Nazi…. Pertty Please!?

So whatcha thinking?

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