My Weighty Story: Week 5 and it was a doosy!

Week 5. OH week 5. Sigh.

Okay. So no more side pain, I’m able to exercise more and do more things. I don’t have to use my feet to get things off the floor anymore, I can help around the house again, and to my husband units delight, I can pick up the dog poop when we walk the dogs again.

Wednesday, I got on the scale to check to see if it lied to me on Tuesday, and as I mentioned in my last post, it does look like I’ve finally broken that stall.

It’s been a highly emotional week.

Friday the daughter unit graduated high school. I can’t believe it, but she fought and clawed her way through all the obstacles that life threw at her, and I can’t be more proud of the human being she has become. She is kind, compassionate, wants to help others, but all at the same time doesn’t let people walk all over her. She refuses to be a doormat. She is just a really good human being.

Then, if I wasn’t emotional enough because of that, the very next day, I turned 40 years old. I have not looked forward to it for a very long time. That being said, over the last two months it has not looked so ominous. Yes, I still didn’t want to talk about it, but I wasn’t having mild panic attacks over it anymore. Why? Because I’m on the upswing of my life. I’m taking strides to make my life better.

Now if all that wasn’t emotional enough for you I have a couple NSV’s (Non-Scale Victories) to share.

1. I have not been able to see my weight loss in the mirror at all really. I can see it a little bit in my hands, feet, and a little bit in my cheeks, but not otherwise. Now the girls at work have been great at telling me that they see it, and the husband unit is making a point at mentioning where he sees it coming off. I just haven’t been able to see it. Body Dismorphia at its best right? Well I did try to put jeans on, and only had one pair of long pants that might work for the next couple weeks. Donated all the rest there. Shorts, a little better situation as I’ve been hoarding the smaller sizes for years, but only had 1 pair that I could wear camping next weekend. When I started this process (through surgery) I wore a 22 /24 (or XXXL shirt). On Saturday (my birthday), I went and bought two new pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts. Here is the surprising thing. I bought one size 18 short and one size 16 short! The T-shirts? XL! They are a bit snug, but the XXL was just too big. I rather they be a little snug because they are going to only get looser over the next month.

I know right?! I was shocked too!

2. Sunday: We / I decided for my birthday outing I wanted to go to a movie. I ate lunch before I left, we got our tickets, husband unit and daughter unit went to the snack bar. They got popcorn, churro’s, an iccee, a soda, and what did I get? A water. I didn’t even have a second thought about the oh I want that. The churro sounded good in my head, but I didn’t feel the need to eat it, and then the smell of it actually entice me.

2. Part B: When we got into the theater, I sat down and realized I wasn’t squeezing my fat ass into the seat! There was even some room! I won’t lie, I cried.

Yea. So an emotional week, but all good things. So here is my take home statement. Believe others when they say there are changes, because it won’t be long before you will see it. Maybe not all in one week like I have, but it will start popping up.

So accountability time. Got on the scale this morning.

I couldn’t believe it! Almost to onederland!!! I got on the scale 4 times this morning to verify that weight. Was within a pound each time.

I’m hoping I’ll be 200 in the next two weeks!

So whatcha thinking?

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