So it’s been a year….

So there are a lot of things that happened last year that just put my writing and my health to the side. Yes, one of those things was my commitment. It just went away / to the way side while I focused on other things.

Recently there have been some things health wise that have made me seriously reevaluate things. I am not going to go into details because those stories are not mine to tell.

The main thing I can say is that the one thing I am recommitting to is my Get Healthy plan. Mentally and physically. This will mean a lot of doctor appointments and focus on my part, but it has to happen.

While I do this I am also going to work on my writing again as it makes the mental part of me … well better.

So here is to reaffirming previous commitments and focusing on the positive things in life.

With Love.


So whatcha thinking?

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