Stupid Computer!

So … I’m trying to get myself into using my blog again and I had this grand plan that since I’m taking my English class again this semester that I would post some of the writing exercises that we do in the class so everyone can see just how demented I am in the head when I do what my teacher calls a “shitty first draft”.

However, my computer has decided to be picky as to when it wants to work and when it wants to just hang up in an endless loop trying to start up.

I use my Ipad Pro in class with a bluetooth keyboard, but it is so much easier to manipulate the work on a desktop than on the Ipad.

So I’m trying folks. I’m trying.

If it decides to work for me in the morning, I’ll get this weeks up tomorrow.

In the meantime…. Here is a picture of Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino and his brother Pippin.

So whatcha thinking?

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