Well all is well that ends well..

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

Firstly, my back has decided to modify where it hurts, and now all I can do is try and hold myself together a little bit longer in order for my insurance to kick in.

Second my birthday was last week, and I’m so glad its over. I’ve been feeling so old lately, though to be honest I’m sure it’s just because my back has been falling apart on me.

Third, the Capitola Beach Concerts are up and running again, and I’m THRILLED! I now have another reason to go down to the beach! This time the daughter units friend went with us, and her boyfriend met us down there.

Daughter Units friend, Daughter Unit, and Daughter Unit’s Boyfriend

Third, we went on our little camping trip this weekend. … I will start by saying that the weekend it’s self was WONDERFUL. However it didn’t start or end well. Sit back and hear (or read) the saga of UGGGG!!!!

Friday, I was lucky enough to get off work, and when I say I got off work, I really mean that my boss kicked me out at noon. I had asked for the day off two months ago, but unfortunately, it was the first day without a receptionist, and it was Payroll day. She mailed out all the payroll. So I felt really bad that they were going to effectively be two people short, so I was going to stay longer to help out with the “load”. Yes, I’m babbling…. However, my boss is so wonderful she kicked me out and off to vacation I was… or so we thought.

mental stress

I got home, we loaded up in the car… and head over to my Mom’s house to pick up our camper. Only, when we get there… DOH! FLAT TIRE!

Well once that was fixed, we headed out and truly and a wonderful weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This morning was the end of the trip (BOOOO HISSSSSS). We pack up, we head out, and 20 minutes down the coast highway, which is all curvy, and potentially very very dangerous, in true Kim fashion… I blow up a tire on the camper.


Now when I say I blew it up, I mean… I BLEW IT UP! I felt a little tug on my wheel of the truck, looked behind me to see smoke, then tire flying behind me making a bee line for my in-laws car. I know what you’re thinking. It was the spare we put on to replace the one that was flat at the start of the trip right? Oh No. Kim doesn’t do anything that logical. Nope. It was the OTHER tire on the camper.

Don’t worry, no wrecks, I did safely get to the side of the road (in a pull out) to see said shredded tire. Pull out the cell phones to call AAA and of course there is no cell service for either Verizon or ATT… so no Verizon we cannot hear you now!

We had to leave the camper along the side of the highway and drive 40 minutes to a place to get the tire fixed, then drive 40 minutes BACK to where the camper was to put it on the trailer.

By the time we got home and unloaded the back of the truck, we were POOPED!

I’m actually ready to head back to work tomorrow, as long as no more shredded tires make an appearance.



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