Wall-E Tails: A New Adventure I … Did … Not … Want

(This is a bit of a long read today. It was quiet an adventure of scares.)

Friday night my tummy didn’t feel very good, and I threw up my dinner.

Saturday morning, Mommy got up and let me sleep, which was a good thing, because I still didn’t feel good.

So I slept some more, but I woke up hurting.

When she came to get me, I was laying on the edge of the bed, whimpering.

She reached over and picked me up. OH IT HURT!

“MOMMY IT HURTS. MOMMY THAT HURTS! ” I screamed over and over again. Can she make it stop?

She carried me into the living room and sat on the couch and started looking me over. I just kept screaming at her. Why wouldn’t she stop touching me. Doesn’t she understand that I hurt?

I guess I told her enough times, because she did finally stop touching my tummy, hips and back end. She held me close and held me while I whimpered. OH how it hurt.

Mommy and my human sister were talking in worried voices and continued to give me some lovies.

When Granny came to pick up human sister, I barked and wanted to go and say hi to her, but it hurt to much to move. I just barked and whimpered. I think Mom really started to get scared, because then she started talking about taking me somewhere to have someone figure out what was wrong.

Before we left she carried me outside and asked me to go potty. Well I’m such a good boy, that I wanted to do what she said, but, like I said, it hurt to move.  I looked up at her again and she asked me to go potty again, so I squatted down and went poop. It did make me feel better to go poop, but I still hurt. When she picked me up I let out a little yelp because I HURT, but she carried me back inside and then out to the car.

Doesn’t she understand that I hurt? Why are we going on an adventure when I hurt so much. Can’t I just go back to bed Mom? Plus it’s raining. You know how much I don’t’ like to be in the car when it’s raining. Those scary things crossing the window, the noises the water falling from the sky makes. It hurt to much to bark at the sounds, and hurt too much to attack the things going across the window, so I just curled up in my bed and whimpered under the blanket.

Well when she stopped the car I jumped up, and started getting very excited, until she picked me up out of my bed and my tummy hurt again. I told her all about that, don’t you worry. I needed to get it through her thick blonde head that I hurt! She just needs to make it all better!

Then we walked into this big scary place that smelled funny. THEN.. THEN … it got very dark. Everyone started running around looking for light sticks, and talking about a “generator”. Whatever that is. Mom filled out a bunch of paperwork and I just huddled as close to her as I could.

Why would she bring me to such a scary place when she knows I hurt?

We went and sat down on a bench and eventually some of the lights came back on, but not all of them. However there was this nice man who came and asked us to go back to a room that had a very scary looking table on it. He just talked to Mom and gave me a few pets. Then Mom put me on that scary table and he stuck something up my butt. I whimpered  a little bit, but Mom gave me lots of lovies and told me everything was going to be ok.

THEN this lady came in wearing a white jacket. She talked to Mom some more, then started pushing and poking me in places. She talked to Mom some more, then the nice man came in and stole some plasma from my leg.

Apparently it was very important to Mommy that I be a good boy during this, so I tried to stay still, and was a good doggie. After all my tummy wasn’t hurting so much anymore, and I was feeling better already.

The lady asked Mom to take me outside and see if I would go potty while they checked out the plasma they stole from my leg. Boy! That sounded like a good idea. I really did need to go potty, and now that it didn’t hurt so much to move and walk, Mommy let me walk outside. BOY! Did it feel good to go potty.  I was excited, because I didn’t think we would have to go back inside, but then Mom took me back into the scary room and waited. What was she waiting for? Oh right. They were checking my plasma.

The lady in the white jacket came back and talked to Mom some more and then I heard her tell Mommy that I was to only eat boiled chicken and rice.

CHICKEN?! I perked up my ears and cocked my head in what Mom calls my cute face.

“Mom did that lady just say that you HAVE to give me chicken?” I wagged my tail lots at that. Wall-E’s LOVE chicken. I beg for it anytime Mom and Dad make it for dinner. Yummy CHICKEN!

Apparently I have a little bit of an infection, and the lady in the white coat thinks that it gave me a really bad upset stomach, so she wanted me to eat chicken for dinner that night, and to take it easy this weekend. They gave me a shot of antibotics and told Mommy that if I couldn’t keep it down that I needed to come back.

I’m feeling much better now and am back to my normal Wall-E self. Whatever it was, it’s gone now, and I just want to play.

It was an adventure, but it wasn’t an adventure I wanted to take.

Well at least I got lots of lovies and CHICKEN!

Paw Heart

~ Wall-E







Mom’s Note: Wall-E was such a good boy during the whole thing. I think between the infection, and possibly being backed up (because boy he pooped WAY more than he usually does over the following 10 hours), it was causing bloating and pain in his tummy and intestines. Once I took him out to do his business before we left for the 24 hour vet hospital, he slowly got better from that point on. That being said, since he did have a little bit of an infection, I think it was still a good thing I took him in. We got that taken care of before it turned into anything serious. I was just scared he had eaten something in the yard at my Mom’s house when we were there Friday night, and that was was making him so sick. One piece of wild animal poop could have made him seriously ill. However, like Wall-E said, he’s back to his normal self.

4 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: A New Adventure I … Did … Not … Want

  1. Angel is sat on my knee as we are reading Wall-E’s unwanted adventure, we were worried when we got to the part about the vet but very relieved to hear our favourite doggy blogger is now back to his cute self! Lovies to you Wall-E, your poor Mummy must have been very worried, glad it all ended well 🙂

    1. He really scared the crap out of me. Yes he yipps at the silliest things and he is a whimp, but he was crying so much. It scared me. We are so glad to hear Angel is doing well. Please give her a few extra lovies and a great from us.

      1. I totally understand how you felt Kim, he is such a precious little boy so no wonder you were worried, you did the right thing rushing him to your vet.

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