The Fingers were Flying!

Yes, You just got the image of fingers flying across the room because of that one commercial where the guys fingers are fly off behind his laptop.

What I meant was that my fingers were flying across the keyboard!






I found a way to re-write Chapter 1!

As you know, I’ve really struggled with it. Once I identified what I felt the problem was, I was able to start brainstorming ways to correct it. There were several ways I could tackle the problem. The first few just felt strange when I was typing it out, so quickly went the way of the delete button. Then there was one I kept, which was ok, but not wonderful. The last one, once I got into writing it out, it felt right. I knew that was the direction I needed to go. So I wrote, modified, corrected, and wrote some more. I only extended it one chapter, but it already has made a HUGE difference to the general feeling of the book.

There are some things I’m going to have to change in the manuscript as currently written to coincide with the changes I’ve made, but I’m very happy with the start now. It doesn’t seem to pushed or rushed. It feels more “natural”.

There is some things I may iron out, which would extend the beginning a bit more, but I’m still thinking it through. I have it with my trusty “beta reader” ( aka Mom ) and once I can talk to her and get her thoughts, I can then bounce the idea’s off her. She has had an eminence amount of patience with me. She’s read this story so many times I think her head is spinning. (THANK YOU MOMMY!)

I also have a little more time to dedicate to writing again, and thus, I should be able to resume my normal blogging schedule.

I’m thrilled to be able to dive back into this and get back on track with my goals. I will see this book published. It’s a story I can not let go and I want to share with the world.


So whatcha thinking?

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