Wall-E Tails: Surfer Dog!

If you follow Mom on Twitter (and if not that would make Wall-E very sad, very sad only) you would see that I stole her phone and posted how I pretended to be a surfer doggy!

Dad took me on a nice long walk down to the Village (that would be Capitola Village for those of you who don’t know) and there was someone there who left their surf board laying out.



So I started to think that I could be a surfer dog. I mean they do have that surfer competition in Huntington Beach every year. I could totally win. ( Huntington Beach Dog Surfing Competition )




Imagine it ..

Wall-E: Mavericks Champion!



The first of all Magnifico Puppino’s to surf the Pacific Ocean. I can see the headlines now.

Wall-E surfs giant 18 foot waves!

Wall-E takes Maui by storm!

It’s All Paws in Santa Cruz!

Wall-E: Surfer Dog

What? The fact that I don’t like water is entirely besides the point!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well I guess it’s just a dream then.

Until Next Time:

Paw Heart


PS: Yes I know it’s Thursday, and Wall-E Tails was supposed to be on Monday, but Mom has been quite busy and is hoping to get back to a normal schedule very very soon. She says that life is slowly returning to normal. 

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