Wall-E Tails: Small Adventures and Starfish turning to Metal

Mom and Dad got up early on Sunday and we went on a little adventure!

It was only down to the grocery store, but everything was wet from the fog and the smelly smells were out in abundance! Mom and Dad kept telling me to keep walking every time I found a really good smell. It wasn’t fair! How am I supposed to learn what these smells are if Mom and Dad won’t let me smell them and figure them out?

Finally, when we got down to the grocery store, Daddy went inside and Mom stayed outside with me. I wanted to go in with Daddy so bad, but Mom said something about it not being healthy for me to go into a store full of food.

But Wall-E’s love food. I love all that kind of food. I’ve never had that food, but I know that if you let Wall-E try it, Wall-E would love it!

Alas, we continued to stay outside the store with all the good food smells coming from it. Mom and I hung out outside the store and I watched all the people drive by and walk in to where Daddy was.


I even tried to sneak in, but since I was tethered to Mom, so she wouldn’t run off of course, I couldn’t get inside.

So we sat and we waited.


and we waited some more.


It was very cold on this hard beach ball table.


Wait, what is this?


A … starfish? Mom these don’t look like the starfish we see at the beach.


What? Someone turned them into metal? Well that wasn’t very nice at all, was it?

Well as Mom and I continued to talk about the mean people who turned the starfish to metal there was a guy who came out of the food store with a big noisy thing and it was scary. It made so much noise and was big and dark looking. (Mom says it was a trolley that carries bread in and out of the store from the delivery truck.)

All I know is that it was so scary, I was shaking and I even peed a little. Then Daddy came out and rescued me from the big scary noise. Mom was too busy giggling at me. She just doesn’t understand how scary the world can be with you’re so little. She held me and told me everything was going to be okay, but she was giggling.

Daddy saved me though. Maybe I need to just go on adventures with Daddy if Mommy is just going to laugh at me when I get a-scareded.

Paw Heart

~Love Wall-E



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