Wall-E Tails: Going and Going!

Mom has been so busy lately, but I’ve been lucky because so much of what she has been doing is at Grandma-ma’s house so I’ve gotten to go with her!


First it was Christmas.

We spent Christmas Eve at Granny and Grandpops and I got a new rope toy. Everyone gave me lots of lovies for Christmas.

Then on Christmas morning we went to Grandma-ma’s house and I found a new lap to keep warm. It was PA! I’ve missed PA. He knows how to spoil a doggy the RIGHT way.


Pa was a great lovie giver. I spent as much time as I could on Pa’s lap.

Then Sister Rachel came over to spend the week with Sister Catalina. I tells ya, I’m just now realizing how much lovies I get. I’m a pretty lucky puppino. Though, I am PRINCE WALL-E MAGNIFICO PUPPINO so I guess I’m just getting all the lovies I rightly deserve.

One day when we were at Grandma-ma’s Penelope decided to play hide and seek.

I looked all outside for her and I couldn’t find her.

I looked in the kitchen, living room, and even out in the doggy pen off of Grandma-ma’s bathroom.

I couldn’t find her at all. Where could she have gone?

I was starting to get worried when …


I FOUND HER! Silly Penelope!

See I’m not the only doggy who likes to get under the covers.

Mom said that it’s a new year, but I don’t know what that means.  I wonder if that means I get to go on more adventures?

What Mom? It does?

/gets so excited and tries really really hard not to piddle. (See Mandy! I try so very hard. )


Ok Mom!  I’m in the car.

Let’s get going on those new adventures!

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