I’m going to Hogwarts!

I don’t watch the news. I don’t read a newspaper. The only way I have half a mind of what is going on in the world is the little bit I hear in the morning from the hubby’s radio and if it shows up on my homepage on the computer, and to be honest, 95% of what shows up there, is total CRAP. (Really Yahoo. A CRUCIAL UPDATE is not what Paris Hilton wore to some non-existent gala. )

However, even in my “ignorance is bliss” state, I’ve heard about the children slaughtered in an act of hatred (terrorism, political gain, whatever, its hatred). This is so beyond wrong that there is no scale to measure it. Children are the vision of innocence and everything that the world CAN be.

I don’t understand holy wars that in so many cases come down to he said / she said 2,000+ years ago. I don’t understand how people who say they are fighting in the name of a god to have others worship said god can go and do the things that they are doing. Yes, they are radicals. No, I’m not going to sit here and nit-pick over religion and religious theology.

I am of the mind that you should respect others belief systems. I personally don’t care if you worship God, Allah, Gaia, Zeus, Budda, Disney, Warner Brothers, The Winchesters (Sam and Dean… ok and Cas too), The Doctor, or a damn pebble on the ground. If you aren’t hurting anyone, then who am I to judge?

This goes to things on a smaller scale also. The yearly debate of whether it is Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Happy Hanukah or Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever. I say Happy Holidays. Yes, it’s the political correct way to give someone happy greetings during this time of year, but if someone says any of the other greetings, I smile and say “And to you too.” Whatever you believe is the reason for this holiday season, who am I to judge? If you are happy, not hurting anyone else, then WHO THE HELL CARES!


On Facebook, there was this little thing that made me laugh. I’m not sure you’ll be able to read the screenshot, so I’ll repeat what they said:

If you had to chose between world peace or going to Hogwarts what house would you choose?

My response was:

I don’t think there is a way for people to have a free mind and have world peace at the same time. People (as a society / generalization) don’t tend to allow people to have a difference of opinion on something and just let them be. Therefore, I’m going to Hogwarts.

There were two responses:

1. A logical explanation of the idea of world peace.

2. Which means she is headed to Ravenclaw.

So anyone else heading for Platform  9 3/4? I got my ticket.

So whatcha thinking?

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