Wall-E Tails: Grandma-ma’s House



Oh how I’ve missed telling you my adventures. As you know, Mom was at Grandma-ma’s house helping her after she had surgery. Mom says that they took her old broken knee out and put a bionic knee in. Mom says she is recovering and is actually already walking better than she was before the surgery.

After quite a few days of Mom being gone, she got really, REALLY homesick and came home and picked me up. I got to spend four whole lights and darks at Grandma-ma’s house with her. That meant I got to spend all that time playing with my cousins Huckleberry and Penelope.

Well the very first night I was there, there were so many new things to protect Mom from. She got mad at me because she was already getting up every few hours to make sure Grandma-ma took her medicine and I was waking her up in-between those times. She was tired. I know that now, but I couldn’t understand at the time why she was so mad at me trying to protect her from the rhinoceros, hippoponimi, heffalumps and woozles. (What? You’ve never seen one in our yard have you? That’s because I’m scaring them away.)

That night Mom took me out to go potty in the middle of the night and there was a GIANT RAT in Grandma-ma’s yard. Can you believe it?  A GIANT RAT!

It was a good thing Mom had me on a leash so I could pull her back into the house so quickly.

Not the actual rat I saw. Mom says it’s a Possum. I had Mom get this picture off the internet so you could see. The one I saw was HUGE and didn’t have so much hair. Mom says she thinks it was sick or something


It was really hard for me to go to sleep after that. That was the second scare I had had that night. Grandma-ma’s house had never been so scary. Two scares in one night?! I mean come on!

What was the first you ask?

Well… Let me tell you.

I was being such a good doggie. I asked to go outside and go potty, you know, like GOOD DOGS do. I sniffed all over Grandma-ma’s yard and finally found somewhere suitable to do *ahem* my business, when I get all settled to go poop, and …

Again, not the actual one.

one of THESE fall out of the hedge!


I yipped so loud and ran over to where Mommy was to get comforted because I was ascareded, and she was LAUGHING at me. She had water leaking from her eyes and she was gasping for air. She did comfort me, but from then on, I ran those chickens and roosters right out of Grandma-ma’s yard every chance I got.

I’ll teach those damn birds to scare me while I’m trying to be a good boy.

Overall, I had lots of fun at Grandma-ma’s house and I did get to play with my cousins a lot.


Paw HeartPrince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino


( P.S. Don’t worry Mommy finally got me calmed down enough to finish going potty. That is after she stopped laughing.)


2 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: Grandma-ma’s House

    1. psstt… Eily … I was too, that’s why I pulled Mom back into the house so fast.

      Mom got some pictures of the chickens at Grandma-ma’s house when she was there yesterday. She posted them on Facebook. There are more than I thought there were. I’m going to have work harder to chase all of them out of her yard.

      ~Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

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