Wall-E Tails: So Much Attention!

Last week was lots of fun!

I got to go to work with Mommy 4 DAYS last week!

One of those days I even got to go to Grandma-ma’s house and visit with Huckleberry and Penelope!


On Friday I stayed home with Daddy, but after we picked up my human sister from school we went to Moss Landing to wait for Mommy to meet us there. She was picking up our “adopted” human sister Rachel from Salinas to spend the weekend with us. That wasn’t what was so cool though. When me and Dad were waiting for Mom, he took me for a walk at where the Elkhorn Slough meets the ocean!

Daddy didn’t take any pictures, but OH! THE SMELLY SMELLS! They were WONDERFUL!

That alone would have been worth telling you about, but when Mommy got there, Human Sister Rachel went with Human Sister Catalina and Daddy back home.

Where did I go you ask?

I went with Mom back to Grandma-ma’s house.

I know!! I was so excited! I got to see Huckleberry and Penelope TWICE in one week!


It’s so much fun at there house. Grandma-ma has a big yard that the three of us can run and play in. I don’t have a big yard at my house so Mom takes me for walkies, but at Grandma-ma’s I get to run and run and run and run and RUN!

We run so fast that Mom can’t get pictures of us. We turn out as just these blonde, black and white blurs in the pictures.

Then you will never guess what happened yesterday.



I haven’t seen them in so long. I miss my girlfriend Bella, but at least I got to see her Mommy (Ms. Barbar.)

What Mom? You mean all those people didn’t come to see me?

But, they all gave me so much attention and lovies!

Oh right.

Mom says that they came over to see me and to celebrate Human Sister Catalina’s birthday. Today she is 14!

Well I need to get to my 25th nap of the day. All that attention last week was exhausting!


My Human Sisters. Catalina (in the blue ) and Rachel (in the red) They were being really silly.
My Human Sisters.
Catalina (in the blue ) and Rachel (in the red)
They were being really silly.


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