The Fork in the Road

So here I sit, keyboard in hand and mind racing. Chloe’s Ghost was moving along so well, and it will again soon. As soon as I make up my mind on where to take it from here.

See, I’m sitting at a fork in the story line.

To the LEFT lays a road where Chloe stays in a coma and I progress the story line from where it currently is. I see exactly what the plot becomes, what happens to her new “friends”, and who she goes up against. I see it so clearly.

To the RIGHT lays a road where she wakes up from her coma and a different story progresses. This is the original story line. Wake up, and go all Supernatural, Ghost Hunters, Sixth Sense on life.

Both are intriguing story lines, even though they are in their infancy stages. I just am not sure which way to go. Both have possibilities. Both have a tempting plot.

The thing is I’m not sure if I’m struggling with it because originally the story had her waking up and going down that road, but now that I’m five chapters deep, the story seems to be telling me that this story needs to told with her staying in the coma.

Now I know that as a writer you have to listen to your characters. If the character sits there and screams, “I wouldn’t do that!” then I can’t make them do that. Only, Chloe could do either. Both stories hold merit with her. (That is partially because I’m screwing up her psyche and life so royally, it was nothing like what it was before.)

/big sigh.

Decisions, Decisions.

How do you choose?

(P.S.: I’ve posted the short story versions (essentially the first three chapters, which have been revised since they were originally posted) of the story, so what I have discussed above contains no spoilers. If you haven’t read them yet, Part 1 can be found here: Chloe’s Ghost: Part 1 )

4 thoughts on “The Fork in the Road

  1. augustmacgregor

    What if you go right in the middle, so that she stays in a coma, and she dreams about what *could* happen if she woke up? That way, you could alternate the options, back and forth, in different chapters. Maybe the different story lines could meet up at some point?

    1. I seriously hadn’t given that a thought. I’ll have to start sketching out an outline to see if I can get that to work or not.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

      /mind starts racing with possibilities.

      1. augustmacgregor

        Don’t you love it when your mind races with possibilities? A HUGE part of the rush that, for me, comes with writing 🙂

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