Who? What? Where?

Seriously. What happened to the last week?

( This will be just a real quick note. )

I’m so sorry I didn’t get Wall-E Tails posted yesterday, and today isn’t looking good either. I will get my 3 post up this week. There is progress on the writing front, and I have a Weighty Story update for ya’ll as well.

Again, sorry for the wonky schedule this week.


2 thoughts on “Who? What? Where?

  1. I guess Wall-E and I are in the same position. Someone needs to take care of this busy thing our people are experiencing. It seems to be turning into an epidemic.

    • Oh No Bongo. Do you think it’s contagious? I hope I don’t catch it. It’s already so hard to get all 42 of my naps in a day. If it’s an epidemic, I may have to go into hiding.

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