Who? What? Where?

Seriously. What happened to the last week?

( This will be just a real quick note. )

I’m so sorry I didn’t get Wall-E Tails posted yesterday, and today isn’t looking good either. I will get my 3 post up this week. There is progress on the writing front, and I have a Weighty Story update for ya’ll as well.

Again, sorry for the wonky schedule this week.


2 thoughts on “Who? What? Where?

  1. I guess Wall-E and I are in the same position. Someone needs to take care of this busy thing our people are experiencing. It seems to be turning into an epidemic.

    1. Oh No Bongo. Do you think it’s contagious? I hope I don’t catch it. It’s already so hard to get all 42 of my naps in a day. If it’s an epidemic, I may have to go into hiding.

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