Wall-E Tails: Mini Adventure

Mom PROMISED adventures were coming, but we didn’t really go anywhere this weekend. Mom PROMISED we would go to a different beach this weekend so she could do some research for her current book, but we didn’t go.

I don’t blame her. My human sister had her friends over and so Mom was gallivanting all over the place for her. At one point they had taken over my play area in the middle of the living room and looked liked turtles that were stuck on their backs.



Mom says they were bowling on the Wii and decided to play it upside down, but I think they were pretending to be stranded turtles.

The weekend wasn’t without fun though. Grandma-ma came over with my cousins and Mom took us for a walk.  I love when Huckleberry and Penelope come and visit! It’s so much fun!

Mom looked really funny trying to walk all of us. We kept weaving in and out of each other  that the leashes that kept her close to us kept getting tangled around her. You can see it a little bit at the bottom of this picture, and that was AFTER we tried to trip her up. She’s smart though, she figured out how to get untangled.


Penelope and I wanted to go go go, but Huckleberry being a Beagle (Mom says he has some other hound in him) had to stop and smell all the smelly smells. I tried to tell him that they were not anything interesting. Those smells are always there, but he didn’t believe me. He insisted on stopping, which made Penelope and I have to stop, which made our adventure take much longer. Mom told me not to worry about it, Huckleberry was just doing what Huckleberry does, and at least we were outside, AND I was spending time with my cousins. Just because she is right, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be a bit miffed right?

/huff. Yes, Mom. I’ll stop whining.

Yes Mom, I do stop you from walking because of all the smelly smells.

Ok. MOM! I get it.



Anyways, it was still fun because I got to play. It wasn’t the adventure I was hoping for, but at least it was an adventure of some sort right?


~ Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

Paw Heart

2 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: Mini Adventure

  1. Murphy

    Hi Wall-E – your bud Murphy here. So much fun to have visitors. but those Beagles. I have two beagles at home, and they have to smell every molecule of every smell. They take forever to take a walk. I feel your pain. Move it along beaglie weaglies.
    Missed you at the beach. Rudy and I had a great adventure at Carmel Beach Sunday morning. What a time it was. So many good smells and dog bums to sniff. Smell ya’ Later!

    1. Oh Murphy! We will have to meet up at Kirby park sometime. All kinds of smelly smells.
      As for Huckleberry thw Beagle… Well we did get our walk but it does make me feel better to know that it isnt only him

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