Wall-E Tails: Adventures are Coming!

Mom said that we will start going on adventures again.



See she hasn’t been feeling well, and I tried to help her feel better, but while my cuteness does cure many ales, it did not cure the bugs that were floating under her skin. So I did the next best thing, I was her sleeping partner.

Granted, we had a week long adventure down at the beach, which was lots of fun. Did you see the pictures Mom posted? I know there are a lot of boring ones there, but you will see my awesomeness if you are patient. I even dug half way to China (wherever that was).

What? You didn’t see those pictures? Ok, fine. I’ll post the important ones again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, now that Mommy is feeling better, and Daddy is home more, Mom says we will start going on new adventures again.

She got a new app on her phone called WoofTrax. She said that when we go on our new adventures she will push a button and this company will send money to the shelter we picked to help all the doggies (and those pesky felines too I suppose) find new homes. (Mom says you can get the app on any smartphone and can get more information at http://www.wooftrax.com/.)

After all, it is a Prince’s duty to provide for his kingdom, is it not?

Next week I should be able to tell you of a NEW adventure. I’m so excited!

~ Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

Paw Heart

PS: Congrats to my friend Murphy and his Mom Jamie at their first rally event last weekend. Our trainer Mandy was there with them and I really wanted to go and cheer them on, but Mom had other obligations she said.

Murphy Rally



2 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: Adventures are Coming!

  1. Murphy

    HI Wall-E What a great blog. So fun to read. Thanks for the shout out for me, Murphy, and mom, for taking on our first Rally Competition. Good Times. No more popcorn bum here!
    Miss you Wall-E. Hopefully we can play in class, or at the beach soon. Let’s Rally!

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