Wall-E Tails: Scary Saturday night

So Daddy’s family was down for the week last week, as Mommy mentioned in a previous post, and we spent a LOT of time at the beach. It was so much fun!.

I got to dig in the sand…


I got lovies….

I got to lay in the sun…

IMG_1812 IMG_1750

Then… Saturday night happened.

Everything was going fine on Saturday. My human sister was playing with her friends, I was getting all the lovies I rightfully deserve, then… after it got dark and we had dinner, Mommy locked me in a bedroom.

I know. HOW DARE SHE! She locked me … in the bedroom.


I know. It was horrible, but it got worse.

Then there were all these REALLY REALLY loud booms and bright lights filling the sky. Here. Look at the short video Mommy took.

That was only a few minutes of it and it went on for EVER!!!!

Mom, 25 minutes is forever in Wall-E Time! Geesh. Mom’s they can be such a pain.

It was really scary.

Mom says I was a good boy during it though. I barked at them to try to scare them away, but it didn’t work. Once I was in their arms, I felt safe, so it was easy to be a good boy.

Mom wants me to let you know that she will post pics of the fun week we had later in the week.

Until then. Lots of Licks.

~Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino

Paw Heart




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