Well this week has gone up in smoke. I’m truly sorry for that.

I posted the 777 Challenge on Monday, but I’ve blown my posts this week. I’m  just going to call this week a wash and hopefully next week I’ll be able to bring the normal back (whatever that is).

So what happened?

Well some of the husband units family has rented out one of the Capitola Venetian Cottages (which are right on the Capitola Beach) for the week so we have spent the week down on the beach after work.

Well except for yesterday. Apparently something I ate on Tuesday night did NOT agree with me. The husband unit won MAJOR brownie points at about 4:30 in the morning. That’s all I’ll say about that. Just trust me when I say it wasn’t pretty.

We will be there again tonight and tomorrow and most of the day on Saturday. Gotta spend time with the family when we can right?

Just wanted to let you know it isn’t that I forgot about you, it’s just that I’m beach bumming it this week.


Oh and if anyone knows of a writing group that I could join, I’d love some information on it.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I’ll see you on Monday!

4 thoughts on “POOF GOES THE WEEK!

  1. The beach looks amazing Kim. Lucky you! Is the post on my page re Kindle of interest to you? If so happy to pass you details. Enjoy your weekend. Btw LOVE that photo 🙂

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