My Weighty Story: Answers

So I went back to the doctor yesterday and was given answers to things that were going wrong. And there were so many things going wrong.

I stepped on the scale and just shook my head. I had gained 27 pounds back. It’s sad. It’s also of my own doing I thought to myself. The last couple of months I haven’t been concentrating on my weight loss journey. I’ve eaten pretty much what I want (including a whole 2.5 pound of candy corn in one week. Yes. I ate the whole damn bag. It was soo yummy!) and walking just wasn’t high on the priority list. Sure, “the Devil” and I had had a few rounds of fun, but it wasn’t anything serious.

I knew why. I’ve been fighting my own depression. DUH! Which was why I was back at the doctor. I was following up on some blood work and to see how I was doing.

So I went in, talked to the nurse, told her I was feeling much better. I was happier, but I was still fighting being tired all the time. Yes, I know that part of that is my diet and the fact I’m not exercising like I should, but it’s more than that. It’s like I can’t get enough sleep. I’ll sleep 8-10 hours but still wake up exhausted and never really wake up all day. She made notes, and then said the doc would be in in just a few minutes.

There I sat. /insert jeopardy music

Doc comes in we go over a few things then starts asking me a bunch of questions.

When do you take your meds? With breakfast every morning.

Any side effects to the new prescription? A little nausea when I forget to eat something with it. As long as I eat, I’m alright.

And so on, and So on. Then he looks at my blood work results.

Feeling tired? YES!

Lethargic? YES!

Doc: Hum… I see you gained 10 pounds since you were here 3 weeks ago .

Me: I gulped. “That’s crazy!” I say quietly a little shocked.  Again. My own fault.

Doc: Well I have an answer to WHY.

Me: Well I haven’t been eating right at ALL and exercise hasn’t exactly been high on my list.

Doc: Well your thyroid is completely out of whack.

Me: Really?

Doc: Yup. I like to have the figure down around a 1 or 2 with people with hypothyroidism. Yours is at a 8.4. That would account for at least some of the weight gain and why you’ve felt so tired lately.

Me: And it would also affect why I wasn’t able to fight off the depression myself.

Doc: Most Definitely. It is a very common link between the two conditions.

Then we proceeded to come up with a plan, medication changes, etc.

Yes, some of the weight problems are of my own doing and now that we are messing with the medications and I’m feeling better, I know that I can get back on track.

So I hereby declare:

No more bags of candy corn and M&M’s.

No more fast food. (been relying on it too much lately.)

More exercise.

Regular walks.

Healthier food choices.

Getting back on track. Period.

Logging my food in My Fitness Pal.

Wearing my Fitbit every day.

Walking a minimum of 8,000 steps per day.

It is time to get back to business. In a very serious way. My clothes were feeling way too small and I knew it was bad, but DAMN! I didn’t realize I had gained that much weight back. YES! It’s totally my own fault. Was my thyroid part of it, sure, but all the bad choices I had made certainly didn’t help it at all. It just made matters worse.

The Get Healthy Project has been renewed (again)!



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