Editing: An Authors joy and dread

When you’re an author there is one thing that always gives you a sense of joy and  dread.


I saw this over the weekend.

What does it mean?

It means I finished the 1st of many rounds of editing and re-writes for Book 2 of The Five Angels Trilogy which officially has a title now. The Ash’bani.

Ash'Bani Title

I’ve increased the word count from it’s initial 79,833 words to 86,698.

So why does this this give me a sense of joy and dread?

Joy because I know I’m making huge progress on the series, and dread because I know there is still lots of editing that needs to be done. However, there is much more joy than dread . When you sit there and expand a scene that gives you better insight to a character, or a better visual of what the character is going through… /sigh there is something rewarding and therapeutic to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the initial drafting process. The process of putting down those initial descriptions, actions, characters, interactions, the creating of a world… it’s magical.

I’m seriously considering working on Book 3 (Helena) during NaNo in November, but we will see how things go with Agent Queries, and editing of Book 2. I have a rough outline for Book 3, but there are some things that I’m struggling with just due to logistics. I’ve in some ways written myself into a corner regarding transportation, and I don’t want to resort to stereotypes. So while I continue to mull around ways around some of the barrier’s I’ve created, I’ll continue editing.

Do you love or hate editing? or do you just consider it a necessary evil?


2 thoughts on “Editing: An Authors joy and dread

  1. A necessary evil! Editing can really make a book shine, and give it the extra boost it needs to turn a draft into an amazing finished work.

    But it can be such a hard slog at times 😀

    1. I completely agree that editing gives a manuscript an extra books to turn it into an amazing piece of work. I do think of it as a joyous dread. It can be tedious ( thus dreadful), but the joy I get out of the finished product is so amazing.

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