Wall-E Tails: Someplace new with great smells

Mommy hasn’t been feeling well lately, so it’s been hard to get her to take me on new adventures. Even harder for me to get her to tell you about some of them that she does take me on.

One day she took me in the car with her and we went some where new! There were beachy smells coming in from the window and I asked her to please tell me where we were going.



She wouldn’t tell me. No matter how much I woofed and woofed. She just made me sit back there in the back seat smelling all the smells coming in. It smelled like the beach, but when we got there. It wasn’t the beach.



I hadn’t been there before and it had all kinds of great smells!

There were crabs in the brush, birds to chase ( though I stayed close to Mom, I wouldn’t want her to get losted), and then we walked down a path.



There was a sign for me to stay out of one of the bushes. She said it would make us all itchy and stuff.

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There was even long scary bridge for me to walk over.


I barely hesitated though because there were so many neat things to see and smell.  Mom said let’s go and off I went. Mandy would be so proud of me. Mommy sure was.


Well until the next adventure.


Hugs and Licks. Hopefully it won’t be so long before I can tell you about another adventure.


PS: Today is my Daddy’s birthday, I wonder what I can do for him?


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