As an author do you ever watch TV then see someone and scream, THAT’S HIM!

Kim what in the world are you talking about? You ask.

Casting of your characters.

When writing, some people just know exactly what a specific character looks like, because they are basing them off of a real life actor or person. They have no problems with descriptions because they just have to look at a face and describe them.

When I first started writing The Five Angels back in … 2010 (yes, it’s been that long. It actually sat for almost three years. ) I created CJ out of whole cloth. He wasn’t based off of anyone. He is just who he is for the story.

Since joining the Author community through WordPress and a few other places, I was challenged to place actors with my characters. You know, if I had the chance to hand pick the casting for the movie. What is my dream cast?

There were a few I could name right off the bat.

I mean, Julian has been and will always will be Gary Oldman.

Gary Oldman - Julian

Penelope Hephaestus has always been Felicia Day.

Felicia Day - Penelope

In the second book, I knew that Mickel was Chris Pine.I just made his hair longer.

Chris Pine - Mickel

There were some that were just no brainers.

When it came to Megan, my protagonist, and CJ ( her love interest ), it was a bit harder. I couldn’t pick just anyone! Plus in picking these characters, I had to have seen them in something else to know whether I thought they could handle the character themselves. They may have the look, but could they actually play that character?

For the moment, I have Claire Holt for Megan.

Claire Holt - Megan

Then there was CJ. Cory James Mathewson. Just like any strong love interest in a story, what makes someone beautiful is subjective. It’s hard to find that RIGHT actor to pull him off. CJ is smart, sassy, quirky, strong, faithful. In the first book Megan describes him as 6′ 4″, dark brown hair that was just long enough that it hung down past his dark green eyes, well-built frame that she called strudy; not skinny, but not pudgy either.

We can’t all be lucky and end up with Theo James (who is the absolute perfect casting for Four in the Divergent series). I searched Pinterest, IMBD, and Googles images for months and months.

Then one night, I was watching one of my guilty pleasures, Supernatural. Sam and Dean where doing what they do, and Sam just turned to Dean and rattled off some smart ass comment with a smile. It was like I was slapped by a fish.

How could I not have seen it before.


Jared Padalecki - CJ

I seriously could not believe that I hadn’t seen it before now. He’s perfect.

Now before you start thinking that somewhere subconsciously I had based CJ off of him, let me explain something to you. I started writing this book in 2010 ( I think, maybe before that. I don’t remember ), and I was really, really, REALLY late to the Supernatural party. I didn’t start watching it until about 6 months ago … on Netflix.

I didn’t even know that Jared Padalecki existed ( no I never watched Gilmore Girls ), so there is no way I could have done it even subconsciously.

Now that I have seen him as CJ, even while editing and re-reading, I can’t, at this point, imagine anyone else as him.

Celtic Woman

So, my question to you is, Have you ever watched TV or seen someone somewhere that was the embodiment of one of the main characters in your books?



For a full casting of The Five Angels, check out my Pinterest board here: The Five Angels Dream Cast


(PS: While looking for a featured image I searched “slapped by a fish” and I’m shocked that this is actually A THING. Oh BOY!)

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