My Weighty Story: Silence

I’ve been a bit silent about my weighty story lately. My blog has been taken over by my passion of writing, and I don’t regret it for a minute. I love writing. It is my passion, my release, and I love every minute I’m writing. However, I do feel that I owe you an update.

I haven’t given up! My Get Healthy Project is still going, and while still full of it’s bumps, bruises, and such, it is progressing. The Devil (my elliptical for those who missed that post) and I are still friends, though I will admit that I haven’t played with him as much as I probably should. /hangs head in shame.


In fact, I’m doing ok. I’ve gone to only weighing myself every couple of weeks, because I was driving myself BATTY! I had, at one point, gained 15 pounds back, and I’m proud to say, that 10 of those are gone again.

I also realized I only have 7 weeks until the San Jose Rock N’ Roll on October 5th. That means that The Devil and I have some serious re-aquaintancing ( is that a word? ) to do.


Hello my friend. How are you doing? Let’s get busy.



What are your short term goals?

3 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: Silence

    1. Trust me that dedication waivers from time to time. Usually when it’s hot and I drive by Dairy Queen who has those ohhhh soooo yummy BLIZZARDS!

      Oh yea, and did I mention that Dairy Queen is literally on my way home and only 2 blocks from the house. Yea, not good. Not good at all!

      I have found though that their mini is the perfect size to quash that craving and desire without going WAY over the top and blowing it. Still not really in the calorie allowance for the day, but if I GOTTA have it, it’s how I do it.

      Good Luck. You have to find what works for you. That is the only advise that I can give you. There are a ton of ways to lose weight, and you have to find what works with your schedule, your body and your cravings.

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