Some Characters Never Let Go.

Since the release of Sapphire Ashes, I’ve been consumed with editing The Five Angels, again.

It is strange how as you continue to write there are always those stories and characters that won’t let you go. Megan and CJ’s story is that story for me. I’ve written lots of short stories and made lots of notes for full length novels, but Megan and CJ are the ones I keep going back too and even amidst the rejection letters, I won’t give up on it.

Now I’m going to say something that I have debated posting on this blog, but feel I need to acknowledge it out loud..

While editing, I am making many changes, not to the over all story, but to the way it was written. The more I write, the more I edit, … I see how I’m becoming a better writer. Yes, it is widely known that you can always get better, but two years ago when I finished The Five Angels I thought I had a masterpiece (but don’t we all?). As I edit, I see why Agents haven’t picked it (or me) up. The writing was rough. Transitions were awkward and I’ve even found conversations that jumped around so much that I’ve had to completely re-write them. I’m not saying the writing was horrible, but … ok, yes it was.

I’m using this editing and rejection process as a learning experience. A major learning experience. I am bettering myself every day and I will get this series published. It is an amazing story.

Megan and CJ’s story will be told.

Celtic Woman

PS:  I’ve also had the full length story stemming from “The Assassin” floating around my head, so I have been working on outlining that full story also. It should be interesting.

6 thoughts on “Some Characters Never Let Go.

  1. It’s good to always learn and grow. There’s always room for improvement. I keep working on my sad face so I’ll get more treats.

  2. That’s exactly how my current WIP is. I wrote the first version of it many years ago. It’s thrilling and terrifying to go back and find so many things to change because I know it means I’ve gotten better.

    1. It really does! Good luck on your revisions and I hope you stay sane in the process. I know I have to work on not completely loosing my sanity. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      1. You’re welcome. Always happy to talk to a fellow writer. The short stories I post on my blog and the interactions I have with my readers help me keep going. Otherwise I might lose it. haha

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