My Weighty Story: ROAD TRIP!

When the fat get going, the fat get jigglely with it.


So. Move those buns hun!

 Sorry. I have no idea where those came from, they popped into my head and now they won’t leave.

Anyways, since the Wharf to Wharf a little over a week ago, I’ve been so energized and conscious about what I’ve been putting in my mouth. I think it helped me re-energize my Get Healthy Project. I’ve walked every day as much as I can ( since I have a blister the size of South America healing on the bottom of my foot. It is seriously the strangest thing in the world to feel a hole in the ball of your foot. ), and eating for the most part as well as I can.

The daughter unit and I took a road trip down to Los Angeles to see my Grandfather and we did stop by the Griffith Observatory. We are a bit of a science geeky family and well, I remember going there as a kid and figured I would take her before we headed to Pa’s (my grandfather).



I would like to say that Griffith still acknowledges that Pluto is a Planet, and not just a dwarf planet.

So THERE! Yes, that is the daughter unit, photobombing the picture.
So THERE! Yes, that is the daughter unit, photobombing the picture.


As part of the exhibit they have these scales that you can stand on to see how much you weigh on each relative planet. Totally cool right?!

Well let it be said that Neptune is my FAVORITE planet. It is not given the credit that it is due.

Yes, Neptune has rings. That isn’t just Saturn’s THANG!

Anyways, I digress. So I got on the scale for Neptune.


Neptune! Didn’t you just hear me singing your praises and how you are my FAVORITE?! Why do you have to make me weigh so much! (Ok yes, there is that whole gravity thing.)

I’m moving to Mercury for a bit.



Oh yea, and while we didn’t get to see a show in here, I loved how the lights created a heart around Leonard Nimoy’s name. I mean it’s LEONARD. FREAKING. NIMOY!



Ok. Enough geeking out.  Though while there I did get about 8,000 steps in. Not bad for acting like a kid in a candy store huh.

Now the question of course is how did I fare food wise on this road trip?

Well I did splurge on one thing that I have been craving for over a month now.

McDonalds French Fries.


Yup those unhealthy things right there.

I don’t know what it is, but they are the tastiest things EVER! Well, ok not really. All I know is that they felt like they were worth every little calorie I consumed. It was the only drive thru food we ate.

Otherwise, I wasn’t “horrible” for my meals. I got a lower calorie burger when we went to eat on Friday night, and while the Mexican food we had on Saturday night was no doubt high in salt ( I don’t know for sure, but I’m assuming it was ), I skipped the sour cream, all but one of the chips, and only had a couple small bits of the refried beans. Small victories I know. The food control freaks are probably screaming that this was a horrible weekend for food.

I’m actually very proud of myself because usually when I go on a road trip I find it so crazy difficult to “get back on track”, however, this time, I have not. I’m right back to what I was doing last week.

That’s a healthy breakfast, a reasonable lunch and a reasonable dinner.

My splurge this morning was a Chai Latte at Starbucks, which the calories come from the milk, and it’s non-fat at that. I know I know. I can hear you all saying, “But Kim thought you shouldn’t have dairy.” You are right, hence why I’m calling it my SPLURGE. I needed some coffee and since I was running late this morning, I didn’t make my chai tea before I left and I needed caffeine!!!!

I know this is just a bunch of ramblings about food, and I apologize for that.

So what do you do to recharge yourself when you need to get back on tract?


So whatcha thinking?

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