Wall-E Tails: I fits!

Hello again. I know. I know. I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I’ve been doing my Princely duties and watching over my sister now that she’s home for the summer. It’s hard work. Those naps are NOT going to take themselves.



Today I get to tell you about the time that I proved my Mom and Sister WRONG!

See last week I got to go to work with Mommy. Yes, I know. I get to do that a lot, but this time my sister went with me and we got to see Ms. Barbar and Mamaw when we left Mom’s work. Mamaw was turning 70 so I gave her the gift of lovies from me. After all it had been a really long time since I had seen her, so seeing me is a wonderful gift right?!

Well on the way home, Mom and Sister were sitting in the front of the truck, but they had me seatbelted into the back seat. I wanted to sit in the front with them! They told me no. Then I tried to climb up there, but they kept telling me that I won’t reach. All they would say is, No. Wall-E you won’t reach. You’re buckled in. You can’t sit up here with us.

PPPFFFF. Seriously. Who do they think they are talking to? I am Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino. I can do whatever I WANT.

Well. I pulled the seatbelt as far as I could and, well …. look for yourselves.



Just gotta stretch the seatbelt out a little bit more. THERE! it moved.








See I’m small and cute. I can too sit up front with you guys. I’ll just sit on this little Wall-E seat  between you.




And you said I couldn’t reach!


Silly Mommy!


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