My Weighty Story: The Wharf to Wharf Race 2014

I made it! Sunday was the Wharf to Wharf.


I was scared. I was worried. I had been so sick last week and hardly moved from the couch to do much more than just go to work and sleep.  I was really worried that my body hadn’t recovered enough to do this.

The alarm went off at 5:30 and after getting the daughter unit out of bed (no small feat in itself) we started getting ready. While getting dressed I heard the pitter patter of RAIN outside! WOO WOO! I won’t have to worry about overheating. I have a serious problem with having to stop because I overheat, and not necessarily because my body tires out. It’s a real pain in the butt! Well, after checking the radar, what water was falling from the sky was really all we were going to get. Ok, back to Plan A. Hoping for people standing out with hoses so that we can cool off.

Finally we were dressed and waiting for the husband unit’s family to come and for his uncle to drop us off at Santa Cruz Wharf. His uncle (due to health issues) wasn’t taking part in the race, so he was kind enough to chauffeur us. We were going to walk from the Santa Cruz Wharf to Capitola Wharf, then back up the 3/4 miles up the hill to the house. It’s really an awesome deal.

The Daughter Unit and I
The Daughter Unit and I

When we got there, it wasn’t very crowded yet, which was really nice. The down side was it was a whole lotta hurry up and wait … for the next hour and a half!

The Husband Unit and I waiting for the race to start.
The Husband Unit and I waiting for the race to start.


My Mother in Law, Husband Unit's Aunt and the Daughter Unit.
My Mother in Law, Husband Unit’s Aunt and the Daughter Unit.

The sun was still behind the clouds and it really helped keep it cooler, but it was still really muggy. BLEH!


However, once we got started, you can’t really beat the view we had along the course.



I even took a mid way SELFIE!


I think considering where I am in my Get Healthy Project (sort of in a pause / reboot mode) I did fairly well. I kept my GPS Tracker on so I could keep track of when I started to slow down and force myself to speed back up. ( I use MotionX-GPS on my iPhone ).

I hit up the water stations, grabbing two cups, one for me to drink and one for my head and every hose and squirt gun on the course, but managed to stay cool enough. If it wasn’t for those I know at mile 3 I would have had to hit up First Aid / Emergency Services. Thank you people along the route for those!

When we rounded the corner and the Capitola Wharf came into view ….




I was so excited because while my feet hurt and I knew I was going to have a couple of really bad blisters (Note to self, you should have worn your walking shoes!), I was feeling fine! I was hot and a little over heated, but my legs weren’t hurting, my lungs weren’t crying for an inhaler … I felt GREAT actually.

I even made sure to run across the finish line, just as I had promised myself I would do for every race I did.



I FINSIHED! Plus I stayed on pace for the other races I’ve done which is just under a 15 minute mile! Yes, I know for some of you, that may not seem like much, but I’m THRILLED with it!


My iPhone tracker’s time, haven’t checked the website to see what the ChronoTracker logged me at. My fit bit logged almost 16,000 steps for the race.


Then of course, I had to hunt up the family members that had darted off ahead. The daughter unit and her GrandPop took off like bats out of hell and finished in about 1.5 hours (walking).

We then decided to stop and eat at Zelda’s on the beach before heading up the hill to the house which was so so … OH so YUMMY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over all, I’m thrilled!!!


All my worrying was for not I guess, but I did learn that my biggest secret to finishing the races, that I want to do more and more often, will be keeping cool. I don’t sweat like normal people do so it’s very difficult for me to keep cool in the heat.

So how am I feeling today? Actually, GREAT! With the exception of a sunburn (because I ended up washing off the sunscreen) and a blister the size of South America on my foot….


I feel great!


. I encourage anyone to do these if you are on a weight loss journey of your own. Start out with a 3K or a 5K. This one was a 6 mile ( so that comes out to what about 11K? ) and the San Jose Rock N’ Roll I’m doing in October is a 10K ( 5 miles ). They give you something to look forward to in order to hopefully, help you keep pushing on to prepare for them.

One thing to keep in mind, is that even if you can only walk say 3 miles ( which I think is just about a 5K ), you could do a 10K, unless there are other health things. Don’t push yourself into injury or anything, but my point is that when I did the 10K last year in San Jose, I could only walk 3 miles, and I would come home and collapse! However, I was able to do the full 5 miles. There is adrenaline and the distractions to keep you going.  [ Insert health concern disclaimers here. You know the ones they give for every medication advertisement, may cause blindness, anal leakage, happiness, death, rush of adrenaline, etc., including the fact I’m not a licensed trainer or a health care professional. Be smart with your decisions. ]

I had so much fun. I truly can’t wait to do it again next year. However, I will be making sure to sign up with the locals at midnight again. This year the race sold out 16000 bibs in 9 hours. 9 HOURS!


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