Mondegreens and other pervertions of the English language

While this post A) made me feel guilty as all hell and B) made my head hurt, it does make a good point. Read and weep like babies my fell authors and bloggers.

Ah dad...

As a South African I was born into a reality where we are fortunate to learn two languages.  From a very early age.  English is for most of us, the second one.  My mother tongue is Afrikaans, which should not be confused with the one that has all the clicks and clacks.  That’s Xhosa or San.

I’m obviously writing *insert gasp* in my second language, which is not an excuse.  I think if you choose to be stupid enough to create something in your second language, you need to be sure that your comprehension of that language falls within a category that is legit enough as to not offend the people of England.  The rest of the world doesn’t really matter so much, for their English sucks as much as mine.

With that being said, don’t you get the impression that there is an annual conference for the people who maintain the Oxford dictionary and the organizers of Annual Spelling Bees?   And during those conferences they serve alcohol and weed and…

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