When Germs Attack.

Hello my ever faithful readers.

I just wanted to post a note as to why I was ever so very quiet last week, and will be again this week.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been fighting off a headache and late last week apparently germs decided to take up residence inside my person.

They are having a party, and thus I am sleeping a lot, going to work for a few hours, and sleeping some more. Any additional energy that I have grasped onto has been spent editing.

I need to rest up because this Sunday is the Wharf to Wharf and I really want to still be able to do it.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I will check in on everyone as I can and I hope to be back to full strength next week.

5 thoughts on “When Germs Attack.

  1. I am sorry to read you have been unwell Kimberly and am sending you every good wish for a speedy recovery. Good luck in the Wharf to Wharf. Get well hugs from Eily and a big doggy cuddle from Angel xxx

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