Wall-E Tails: Treat Time!

I know I’m spoiled.

I’m a very lucky doggie.

Aren't I so cute?

I have a family who loves me, gives me really high quality food (seriously, try Sojos or Stella & Chewies they are my favorite), toys, and treats. Lots and lots of TREATS.

Every day when Daddy gets home he gives me a treat for meeting him at the door and being excited he’s home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited when Daddy gets home.

But… I’m also excited because I know when Daddy gets home, that I get a treat!

I’m even sneaky when Daddy takes me to work. I get lots of treats from all the people who Daddy works with and then when we get home, I try to get more treats from him.

I also get lots of treats when I go to work with Mommy.

Not only do I get to go and not have to stay home alone, but if I’m really good, Mommy gives me treats too.

Like today!

Today, was even way cooler. Today, she even put my favorite treats in my puzzle.


Watch the video Mommy took of me down below where I get them all out.  I have to work at it a little bit, which is good to keep me smart, but I get more treats at a time like this.

No. It’s not a Kong, it’s a puzzle ball. I don’t usually get Kongs because people usually put peanut butter in them and we can’t have peanut butter because my sister is allergic to it. It would be a bad thing if I had peanut butter and then licked my sister. Mom says she would look a bit like my puzzle ball. I know it sounds funny, but she wouldn’t be able to breathe and that would be bad.

Anyways, today I got to play with my puzzle ball. If you watch the video all the way to the end, you can see where I even do a “trick”. Ok, so I just do what Mom tells me to. 🙂

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