My Weighty Story: An Update

What? “My Weighty Story” on a Monday?

Yes, I know. I’m all ass-backward this week, but I realized I hadn’t really done an update last week, so here it is.



Well I guess there isn’t much to tell. I haven’t been getting on the scale, out of fear mostly. My clothes have changed how they fit, and unfortunately, not in the way I think they should be, so I haven’t gotten on that scale thing in awhile. I haven’t been wonderful with my food intake, so I really do need to get that under control, but I have been walking, spending time on “The Devil”, and getting some kind of a work out.

Couple weekends ago we painted the bedroom, and this last weekend we painted the trim and shutters to the house, and let me tell you, if you don’t think THAT is a work out, well, you are WRONG.


I was so crazy sore on Saturday that it hurt to move, and we had only done half of the house. Sunday we finished the other side, and for whatever reason it was much easier. Probably because there were no shutters to do.

Let me tell you, painting aluminum shutters is not an easy project.

Anyways, We are now at T – 22 days till the Wharf to Wharf and I’m excited, but a little bit worried at this point. Yes, Yes, I am sure I’ll be fine, but still, its a bit daunting for me.


At least Prince Wall-E reminds me to get off my rear every day and walk him, so I know I can do at least half the distance.

My goal this month: Keep moving, Get food under control, and stay the heck away from chocolate.

What are your goals this month?

So whatcha thinking?

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