Re-Charged and Ready.

Last week was a really bad week for me emotionally. I was just DONE! However, I was very much looking forward to our little vacation we took over the weekend. Let me tell you, just getting away and “unplugging” for just those few days, did AMAZING things for me.

Friday, we loaded up the camper and headed down to Big Sur for a weekend of lounging along the river. Now, since we only got about 14 days of any measurable rain so far this year, there wasn’t much hope for much water in the river at all. We had visions of a small trickle and if we were lucky, there would be enough to get the ankles wet.

Luckily, there was more water than that.

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I had taken two books down to work on editing in the sounds of nature. Only, I didn’t. I got about 1 page done. So what did I do?  I played darts, visited, sat by the river, played Catch Phrase, and a whole lotta NUTTIN! It was WONDERFUL!

I will admit, that my stomach is a little upset because I ate a BUNCH of foods that I wouldn’t normally. Things like biscuits and gravy, smores, sugar filled crackers, snack cheeses, etc. It all sent my taste buds jumping for joy, but I’m paying for it now. I will burn off the calories though. I may have gained some of the weight I’ve lost in the last couple weeks, but I was on vacation.

After the weekend, I’m ready to tackle everything that lay before me. Let’s be honest, there is a bunch. Work, Kiddo, 3 books to edit, the last in the trilogy to write, Chloe’s Ghost to sort out, Queries, Agent Research, walking, running, healthy eating, and general preparation for the Wharf to Wharf in July, and all that encompasses my Get Healthy Project. It’s just LIFE.

Oh… and I’m super excited. I ordered a new sewing machine and it’s due to arrive on Friday!! WOOOWOOO! I will be playing with that this weekend, between the dance recitals for the daughter unit of course.

Have a GREAT week everyone!









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