Short Story: Chloe’s Ghost ( Part 1 )

ghost-forest( This originally was going to be a full length novel, but I’m currently having a hard time extrapolating my thoughts into a coherent story past the first two chapters. Therefore, there may only be a Part 1 & Part 2, which would be fine, or it may bloom into something more. )


Chloe’s Ghost

Part 1

My name is Chloe Moraz. I’m 16 years old and my life is perfect. I live with my Mom and Dad in Rio Del Mar, California in a house only blocks from the beach, I have all A’s and B’s in school, college prep classes, lots of friends, and a boyfriend, Hunter Haywood, who loves and adores me. There are not many teenagers who would say their life is perfect, but seriously, my only problem is how to keep Becky Winegarten away from Hunter. If I could just keep her from throwing her fake boobs (seriously, can she stuff that bikini anymore?) in his face every time we were at the beach, then my life would be perfection.

Every day after school I would finish my homework, do my chores and throw my bathing suit on. Mom and Dad didn’t usually get home until 7:00 or 8:00 and they always knew that if I wasn’t home, just to call Hunter, who I have been with since the start of our Freshman year and he would tell me they were looking for me. Yes, I have a phone, but it doesn’t do any good to call me if I’m in the water surfing is it? So they just called him since he didn’t surf, and was just there to watch me.  He would walk me home and get spoiled by them.

Well at least that is what I would have said what my life was like two and a half months ago. That was what I would have told them my life was like before the concert at the Shark Tank in San Jose. Before we came over Highway 17. Before the drunk hit the Suburban. Before … Before my world was turned upside down.

There were six of us. Halie Marlow, my bestest friend in the world and her boyfriend, Clay Callaway, Myself and Hunter, and our friends Kayden Burdge and Lani Woods. The six of us worked so hard to get those tickets. We washed everyone’s car in Rio Del Mar and Aptos, babysat who knows how many kids between the six of us and did any chore our parents would pay us for to save up for those tickets. The second they went on sale, everyone was at Halie’s house and her Mom bought the tickets. I still remember sitting at the dining room table counting out the money for my ticket. I felt so proud and excited to go.

It was on the last day of school and everyone went to Halie’s house to get ready. Ok, well Hunter and Clay didn’t, they came over a few hours later. It was jeans and a t-shirt for the boys. Us girls however, even though we had decided what we were going to wear WEEKS ahead of time, we still had to try on five or six different outfits before settling on what we had originally decided. Then it was make-up, hair and nail central. When the boys did arrive, Halie’s Mom rushed us into the Chevy Suburban and we headed over the hill.

We just about bounced right out of the car when the Shark Tank (HP Pavillion, SAP Center, whatever you want to call it. It’s where the San Jose Sharks play, and since we are hockey fans… it’s the Shark Tank ) came into view. Since we got to there early enough we were able to get parking in the parking lot and even though Mrs. Marlow knew that it would be hell getting out afterwards, she was grateful, because she really didn’t feel like fighting for parking on the streets. Since the concert didn’t start for a couple hours, we headed out to get some pizza. It was a few blocks away, but worth it.

After we ate dinner and got inside the Shark Tank we browsed through all the merchandise and even though I saw the sweatshirt I wanted, I decided to wait until AFTER the concert since the lines were so long. No they probably wouldn’t be any better then, but we were very anxious to get to our seats.

The concert was amazing and we sat in the 3rd row back from the stage. The band completely rocked. I thought Lani was going to faint when the lead singer pointed to her and sang the words in a smooth sultry voice, “Cuz you’ll always be mine.” It really was a good thing that Clay and Kayden were standing next to her. They did two encores and we spent way too much on merchandise, including my sweatshirt, but it was worth every dime, every dirty diaper we changed, and every chore we did to be able to pay to go.

On the way home, Hunter and I sat in the back, Clay, Halie and Kayden sat in the middle and Lani sat upfront with Halie’s Mom. It was silly really. Kayden and Lani argued about who got shotgun and it was Halie who just told Kayden to get her prissy butt in the back with her and Clay. Lani gets horribly car sick but since she had road shotgun to San Jose, she only thought it was fair that someone else took it on the way home, and since everyone but she and Kayden were coupling it, she thought Kayden should get to ride shotgun. I believe her words were, “You take a break from all the love and kissie faces being done back here. I’ll dive into the devils den.” Obviously, she lost anyways and sat shotgun.

Once we finally got out of the parking lot and onto Highway 17, Hunter pulled out a small box and gave it to me. Inside was a heart with my birthstone on a thin chain. I’ll never forget the twinkle in his eye after he put it on my neck and then kissed me so soft and sweetly. When our kiss broke, he whispered that he loved me against my lips. It was a perfect night.

Mrs. Marlow had the music up for us and we were singing at the top of our lungs, so we didn’t hear the sirens coming up behind us.  I don’t remember the car actually hitting us, but I do remember laying against Hunter whose arms were wrapped around me, pain piercing through my side and seeing, through very foggy vision, Kayden’s head turned to face me in a position too far backwards, Clay and Halie’s head bleeding, and the tree in the seat where Lani should have been seated.

Then I vaguely heard someone yelling, and I felt something warm and wet drip down onto my chest just before I blacked out.

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