My Weighty Story: Follow ups suck sometimes

So I went to the doctor on Monday morning for my every 2-3 month check in. Because of this Get Healthy Project, he wants to keep a close eye on how I’m doing and monitor my meds.

Well I knew I hadn’t been doing well the last couple of months. Like I said before June’s a new month and the start of “new” beginnings.

Well, I had a bit of a slap in the face while there.

Get on scale:   Up 18 pounds from last time I was there.

Me: Well, I knew I haven’t been perfect, and that period of time I wasn’t taken my meds … well there is why it’s so important. No wonder my clothes haven’t been fitting right.

Nurse: Blood Pressure is a little high too.

Me: WHAT?! It’s always been steady as a rock. Even when I was pregnant, the doctors where shocked at how steady it was.

Nurse: Yup, it’s not alarming, but you’ve always been so steady, that I just wanted to mention it. Do you have a history of high blood pressure in your family?

Me: /throws head back in laughter Ya. You could say that.

Nurse: Ok Going to just mention it to the doctor and leaves.

/insert jeopardy music while waiting for doctor to come in.


Doc comes in and I tell him what’s been going on lately, and of course I’m super upset because I LET myself gain 18 pounds. Told him that I forgot to take my meds for a bit of time ( DOH! ) etc. etc. etc.

Doc: Well you know Kimberly, you have to keep all of it together and in order, in order to lose weight.

Me: I know.

Doc: The higher blood pressure is a little alarming too. I want you to come in every other morning on your way into work for them to take it again and if it stays high, I’m going to have you come in to talk to me again ok.

Me: Yes Sir.

Doc: It could just be the gaining of weight over the last 2 1/2 months, but I still want to watch it.

Me: Yes Sir. Hangs head low.

Doc: Are you back on track now?

Me: /sits up straighter. Yup. Eating a little better, and been working out on “The Devil” every day and walking outside a few times a week again. I have to get ready for the Wharf to Wharf and Rock N’ Roll.

Doc: The Devil?

So of course I had to tell him that story and he was pleased to hear that I was back on track and reminded me ( via a tongue lashing ) that if I don’t take my meds, none of the healthy eating and working out is going to matter. They are one in the same and that if I don’t do it ALL then I’m just wasting my time.

He’s right of course. I have to have my body balanced in order for it all to pay off.

Oh and good news is my blood pressure was back down on Wednesday.

So even though it sucked and I had a slap in the face from myself, well, I deserved it.

I am back on track though. Even though my back decided to be stupid, I still got stuff done! I still picked myself up by the scruff of my neck and made myself get stuff done, like I should.




9 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: Follow ups suck sometimes

    1. Thank you. It is something I have to do for myself. I want to live long enough to see my daughter grow up, fall in love, etc. I want to be able to experience life and I want to be HAPPY!

      I’m a much happier person than I was just a year and a half ago. I’m more active, I’ve lost about half the weight I want to, and yes, I feel so much better too!

      Thanks again for reading. I always enjoy your comments.

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