My Weighty Story: New Beginnings


Ok so not totally new beginnings, but even though I’ve been doing my walks, and spending time on “The Devil”, I admit that I’ve been, well lacking, in the food department.

There has been way too much eating out, too much fast food (even if it is healthier choices, it’s still fast food ), and yes, too much dairy and ice cream.  Plus things are starting to slow down a bit for me now. I’ll have more time to concentrate on it ( along with my writing).

Well it’s June 1st.                               New Month. New Beginnings.

The Capitola Wharf to Wharf is in 59 days and I’m no where NEAR where I want to be for that. That means weight wise or endurance wise. My time is way to slow, and to be honest, I’m not sure I could make the full 6 miles right now.  #mileaday did a great job of getting me back on tract to walking every day, and I’ll be carrying that through June.  I would love to be able to get to the point I could run a mile ( or 1/2 mile ) walk a mile ( or 1/2 mile ). We will see how the next couple months go, but I really WANT to get to the point where I can add running into my routine. I just don’t know if my knees will allow me too.

Somewhere along the way I stopped wearing my FitBit and yes, I can hear you all screaming “BAD KIM! BAD!” and you are right. No excuses. I just got out of the habit of wearing it, and I know I lost some accountability for myself in that process. So, I put it back on mid week last week and have work it every day. I forgot how much I love it.

I really need to figure something out for my core though. I have some back and hip problems so I have to be very careful in what I do. The upper part of my tummy sticks out, well, a lot like Pooh Bear up there in that picture. I can see the lower part of my stomach slowly shrinking, but the upper part, while yes, I can see it, it isn’t decreasing in proportion to the lower, and I feel like every time I put some pants on that I just have some serious “DunFlap Syndrome”.  Even if my pants are not tight (in fact they are too big and they bunch when I cinch them with my belt so they won’t fall ), it makes it look they are and my stomach is crying for help and spilling over like toothpaste.


So today is the start to very picky eating, strict workouts, and lots of time outside.

What are your June goals?

4 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: New Beginnings

  1. Stefanie

    Hi, I’m paying you a revisit, great blog! A few tips I thought of, having worked something that looked like a tractor tyre off my belly: you might get some help by just paying attention to your posture, people like me who do a desk job slowly gets the “duck posture” with ass and gut sticking out. By moving your pelvis forward and sucking in your tummy a bit it looks better (and is better for you back!)

    That said, belly fat leaves by moving alot, which means a good sweat at least 3-4 times a week. It’s depressing I know! What you also can do is a lot of planks, Do planks every week. It doesn’t make your belly slimmer but it makes you stronger in your core and once you’ve burned all the fat you’ll have a fabulous sixpack 🙂 i do straight planks, planks with my arms on a gym-ball and also from a bench so my feet are up on the bench, that last one is especially good for upper belly. I also do side planks. All for 1-2 minutes.

    And about that run: even though you finish last you are ahead of everyone on the couch at home. The feeling you get when you past the finish line is undescribable, do not let yourself down. You can do it! Your body is stronger than you think and your head will gove up before your body does so get going 🙂

    1. I completely agree with everything your saying. I’ve used the line of going faster than others on a couch quite OFTEN!

      I’ve done a couple races now and you are so right about that feeling when you cross the finishing line. There is nothing like it!

      I’ve been doing some planks, and since I have horrible upper body str, they are harder than they should be, but I know I should be doing them more often. I’ll try.

      I will also work on sitting up straighter. I’m a legal secretary ( right now, though looking for something a little closer to home ) and I know that when I get a job closer to home, it will still entail lots of desk work.

      Thank you for stopping by and for the great advise.

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