When Writers Block becomes a Raging River

Yup. You read that right. Even though I’ve been really busy with well… LIFE lately, I haven’t been writing because I was blocked. I knew where the story ended up, but I really couldn’t see what happened between where I was and where they end up.

Ok, let me back up a bit. I’m sure I’m confusing the lot of you.

So that Novella I’ve been working on lately, well sort of. That one. In April I was really struggling with connecting with one of my characters. I had lots of help from many of you in finding ways to connect with him and I thank you so very much for that. In the process of “finding” him, the whole meaning of the story I was writing changed. ( Which you can read about here. ) It went from just a sappy (sad) love story to a story with PURPOSE.

I continued to write a little here and there, but mostly it was a few additions, tweeks, and modifications that were done. In fact, I had taken out a lot more than what was put back into the story, demolishing the word count. There wasn’t much substance being added to the story, but I know that what I did add and delete was necessary.

So like I said before, I knew where my characters need to end up, but I couldn’t figure out how to get them there from where I was. I knew it was because the meaning of my story changed, but it didn’t really make much of a difference, I just couldn’t figure out how to move the story along.

Then the writers block broke and my writing became …

a Raging River.

The last three nights I have written almost 8,000 words and moved the story along beautifully.

Yup you heard that… 8,000 words. New words. That doesn’t include the tweeks and modifications I made because in those new portions. Part of what I needed to write was three chapters that fit in the middle of two sections that were already written.

I’m even playing around with titles now. I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m feeling so much better about it.

There is so much disaster still to go (if you paid attention to the featured picture you may know already), and I know it will be very hard to write it, but I know it will complete the story. However, I am going to have to hit up the Science Channel and History Channel again for a couple of documentaries they did on the event to double check some facts.  After all, because it is a period piece, I should at least ATTEMPT to have my facts straight right?


Current Word count:     19,427

Word Count Goal:        33,000

So whatcha thinking?

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