When “Wall-E Tails” and “My Weighty Story” Collide

Hello Everyone. Yes I know,  you get me two days in a row. Good Thing I’m cute huh!

Went to Zoom Room, Monterey, California for lots of classes on learning to be Obedient and learning how to do different kinds of tricks.

So since Mommy started this May #miladay thing, I get to go on lots of adventures. We have been going on walkies every day! ( Well almost every day. Mommy’s back got hurt, so there were a few days where she didn’t take me on a walkie, but Daddy or my sister at least took me around the park. )

Last week Daddy was off work doing lots of things around our furrever home and some of them were very scary sounds. When we would make all kinds of loud super SCARY sounds, he would come and give me lots and lots of lovies to make up for it, so I didn’t get too mad at him. Most of the time it was fine though.

They even got this big scary monster in my living room now. Mommy called it the De Vil or something like that. All I know is that even though it doesn’t make big loud sounds, it is big and moves in a super scary motion. I tried barking at it, but Daddy told me that it wasn’t ok for me too. Doesn’t he know that I’m trying to protect them from this De Vil? I don’t want them to get eaten or anything.  /whine Doesn’t matter though, they still get on that thing every day.

Mommy says she has to get on that thing because she is trying to get healthier so we can go on longer walkies. As long as it has to do with her taking me on adventures, then I guess I’ll try to be brave and not bark at the De Vil.

Monday, I got to go to Daddy’s work and get totally spoiled by everyone there.  It’s exhausting being this cute though. I don’t get my 15 naps during the day because everyone insists on coming in and giving me lovies. They love me there.  Don’t tell Daddy, but they all give me lots of treats too. Since Daddy works at a pet food store, it’s not hard to sucker them out of lots of them all day long without Daddy knowing about it.

Yesterday and today though, I got to come with Mommy to work! It’s been really hot for us around here. Mom said it was 90 yesterday and it is supposed to be even warmer here today. All I know is that if it is that warm again, I don’t want to go for an adventure again later. The ground hurt my paws. Seriously! The ground was hot enough that I even stood in the water that was flowing from a persons yard to cool my paws.  I WILLINGLY STOOD IN WATER! You all know I do NOT like to get wet, and I still stood in the water! After my paws dried off, I finally asked Mommy to carry me back to the office, which she did of course.

What Mom? We won’t go for one later if it is that hot again today?

Oh! That’s why we went on such a long adventure this morning.

Mom says that we went on our long walk this morning because she doesn’t want me to get my paws all hurt again today. Mom took me around a few of the blocks here at her work today and took pictures of me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were even lots of new smelly smells to smell because we haven’t gone that way in a long time.

Well Mommy wanted me to let you guys know that we were doing our walkies every day, and that she is still using the De Vil (that scary machine in my living room ) and that she hasn’t weighed herself in a couple of weeks so she doesn’t know what the …. scale says. ( I don’t know what that means, but hopefully you guys do. ) She also said to keep moving and she will see you guys hopefully on Friday.

Loves and Licks!

❤ Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino


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