The WHOLE Meaning Changed

What an interesting turn today has taken. I took my lemons and made damn tasty lemonade!

It all started at 2:30 – 2:45 am when I woke up.

Yup… THAT time. Right there.

My eyes were tired, but my mind was racing a million miles a minute. I laid there, tossed and turned, and did everything I could not to fully wake up. Well that obviously did NOT happen, so at 3:30 AM I got out of bed and sat at the computer.

In that 45 minutes to an hour I TRIED not to wake up, my brain broke the writers block I’ve been having on my Novella. One of my problems is that I couldn’t nail down what one character’s specific backstory was. What was he hiding from? Why did he leave the Empire? What was happened in his travels that made he want to come back home?

Then it hit me. < insert dramatic music here > I knew what it was, but how was I going to get it into the story since the story isn’t being told from his point of view. This last week I have been struggling with how to incorporate it. Well when life gave me lemons at 2:45 am, I knew how to make damn tasty lemonade out of it. A prologue.


< insert triumph music here >

Now the interesting thing is, that the prologue changes the WHOLE meaning of the story.

Let me repeat…. My morning  ( aka middle of the night ) escapade … CHANGED THE WHOLE MEANING OF MY STORY!

Don’t get me wrong, it is still a love story with a tragic ending, but there is a “purpose” to it now. I’m not just being a bitch and making it tragic and sad. There is a REASON for it now.

People who deal with me on a daily basis know that I’m not lovie dovy all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very lovie dovy, but in my own way.  The husband unit even commented the other day when we went to see Captain America that he considers himself very lucky. While other wives are dragging their husbands to chick flicks, I’m dragging him to a superhero movie. I’m not usually one for sappy love stories where everything turns out roses and “They Live Happily Ever After.” HECK, I have even imagined Snow White ( my FAVORITE Disney Princess by the way ) and the Prince bickering over what to do with those damn dwarves who come over and drink all their ale, and refuse to clean up themselves. Yup. I’ve even corrupted my favorite Disney Princess’ story.

So it isn’t really any surprise that my “love story” has a tragic ending. I love the fact that it now has a darker and more sinister underlining story. ( Hey Arran, I think I’m finding that personal theme you had discussed… always a dark edge to the story. )


Bonus Benedict Cumberbatch photo.  (This is when he was playing Van Gogh, so it sort of counts right?)
Bonus Benedict Cumberbatch photo.
(This is when he was playing Van Gogh, so it sort of counts right?)

So here is a question for you writers. Have you ever gotten half way through a story and realize that one decision has changed everything about your book, short story, novella, etc.?

8 thoughts on “The WHOLE Meaning Changed

  1. My main character’s back story is the source of tension in my forthcoming novel. Glad that I didn’t have to deal with that while drafting.
    Hubby thinks he’s lucky because you went to see Captain America. I know the feeling. Most men are very envious of me, because my wife digs sci-fi and plays fantasy MMO’s.
    I should also mention that she’s my editor, publicist, IT specialist, and therapist. 🙂

    1. The husband unit is def my in house IT specialist. I do have an off site one that lives about 2,000 miles away though.

      I’m a geek. I dig the superheroes and fantasy MMO’s too, but take me to see “The Notebook” and you better hope I don’t have any cord or sharp objects to kill you with in the theater.

  2. Funny how waking up in the middle of the night does things to your brain…or allows your brain to do things to you. I like reading about your writing process, as there are a couple of book ideas I’ve been walking around with for a while now (I wrote a book when I was still in college, but it’s awful, just awful;))…I’m kinda fearful for starting to work on it, because a book is so much more daunting than a simple blog post…

    1. Well you do have amazing blog posts. It’s still one of my favorites even if you DID abandon me on Word Press. /snicker.

      I have to admit, seeing how your site has a multiple personality disorder, it would be a little scary to read your book. Or was that before your house got crawling with its current occupants?

      1. Ah, still not quite over me leaving WP, are we? Well, I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss WP sometimes;)

        The book was from way before my house got infested with beavers, aliens and North Korean dictators…it’s in Dutch, though, only a few of my friends have read it, but I don’t see it having any future use;)

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