My Weighty Story: Progress on Weigh Day

Today was weigh day. I have to admit even though it wasn’t a lot of weight loss this week, it was still a loss and for that I am truly grateful. I have been so unbeleively stressed out, as noted by yesterdays post : Which way is up?

Stress alone can do really STRANGE things to you when you’re trying to lose weight. So the fact that I lost some this week is AWESOME!.

Well here is the thing… It was so close to a recent goal, I was almost mad!!!

Why? Because lookie this…

Don’t look to closely to see how dirty the scale is please.

Yup….  .3 …. that is POINT 3 ( so I would be 219.9) from being UNDER 220!!!


HOWEVER, I still dropped a pound and a half so I’ll take it!!!

New Goal for week…. Leave the 20’s behind in a burst of DUST!!!!



( PS. What am I dong tonight then? Well me thinks a long run, and Village Host Pizza just opened up around the corner (FINALLY!) and so yes, I’m having Village Host for dinner. Trust me… Best. Pizza. On. The. Planet. )

3 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: Progress on Weigh Day

  1. Good for you! Any progress is good…and of course it doesn’t hurt to remember where you started off, which I believe was somewhat more than .3 pounds above 219.9;)

    1. It was. I do have to remind myself that a year a go I was almost 300 pounds and that I have come a very long way! It’s just numbers, but sometimes the numbers help you along.

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