Which way is up?


I seriously do not know which way is up right now. I feel like my whole world is spinning out of control!

I’m feeling a lot like a lost puppy right now, and pulled in so many directions. Being told, that I have to sit and wait for information and then once that information comes in I can do the next step is… well infuriating!!!!

I feel like I SHOULD Be doing something!

In the meantime, I really want to be writing, but when I have the few minutes to write, all those thoughts, go POOF!

It’s like all of a sudden the hamster that is keeping the wheel moving in my head has vanished. All that is left is the squeaky wheel  and the sound of dropping water from the dispenser. Total and utter silence.

Sleep isn’t happening either. Instead I lay in bed and the hamster gets on his little wheel and decides to train for a marathon. So of course, I get back up to do something productive with it, and I just walk around aimlessly around the house, not sure what to do, because I can’t make much noise for fear of waking the house, I sit at the computer and the hamster decides to vanish again, but there isn’t anything on TV, there is just restlessness.


I know it is just stress, and it will all be over soon for better or for worse, but …..

mental stress


7 thoughts on “Which way is up?

    1. Everyone has the best ideas in the middle of the night, or in the shower, or while driving. Where ever we are unable to make note of it, THAT is when we will have our bestest ideas. I have a journal at my bedside to make notes on, but it doesn’t log the thoughts fast enough for me.

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  2. Sorry, but I don’t understand not being able to write because you’re waiting for information. Do you work on one piece at a time? I have my novel and about 6 short stories in various stages of editing.

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